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Foods To Avoid On Leaky Gut Diet

Greetings. It's Eric Bakker, naturopath fromNew Zealand, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of a range of products called Canxida.Thanks for checking out this tutorial. I've got a question here from a guy on YouTube calledPro Chess Player. I think his name is Josh and Josh is asking me quot;Eric, can you pleasedo a tutorial on foods to avoid for Leaky Gut syndromeéquot; Josh, one thing you and I havegot in common. I think I've checked out your site. You love playing chess. So do I, butI keep getting beaten by my teenage son, which is really annoying for me. One thing I don'tget beaten by is questions for Candida, so we're going to address that right now.What are some foods to avoid with leaky guté

Well, I've just spent a little bit of timeon the internet looking at a lot of sites on leaky gut syndrome to get a feel for whatthe general consensus is out there. Here's quite a wellknown website from a very wellknown in America who will remain nameless and this is saying, quot;Foods that causeleaky gut, gluten, cow's products, sugar, unsprouted grains, and GMO.quot; Very true, ,but there are a lot of things that you're missing out on. I'm going to go into somedetail with this tutorial. Grains, I've got another site, in fact, I just went to Google and typedin foods to avoid with leaky gut, and the paleodiet came up. Grains, legumes, dairy,sugar, unhealthy oils, alcohol, caffeine,

excessive carbohydrate consumption. This isa bit closer to the mark. But when you've got leaky gut, basically,a good advice for you with foods to avoid in general is processed foods. Processed foods,in general. So when you go shopping, I've said this before in tutorials, if you do shopat a supermarket, buy your foods only from the outside perimeter. Meats, vegetables,perishable products because these are less likely to cause problems with leaky gut. Itis true that alcohol and caffeine do cause leaky gut. Alcohol, to me, is the top of thequot;noquot; tree when it comes to leaky gut. If you would say to me, quot;What food is most associatedwith leaky gutéquot; I would say alcohol.

What out of everything I know is associatedwith leaky gut is antibiotics. That's really the top of the biggest tree is antibioticsor all kinds of pharmaceutical medications, antiinflammatories, steroids, antidepressants,sleeping pills, any kind of a drug, for blocking stomach acid or reducing pain. All of thesedrugs are involved in leaky gut. Including Tylenol, paracetamol, any of these kind ofdrugs. Birth control pills, all involved with leaky gut. But antibiotics are the top ofthe tree. But when we look at foods and beverages, alcoholis right at the top, so don't even think about drinking alcohol if you're worried about leakygut. And even if your gut is healthy like

mine, drinking alcohol occasionally will predisposeyou to leaky gut. You will make your gut increasingly leaky by drinking. Every drink you take increasesyour likelihood of making the gut leakier and leakier. And then on top of that if youput antibiotics and high stress in there, you're a sitting duck for a serious leakygut problem. Grains, yes and no. I believe that most peoplecan tolerate small amounts of gluten in their diet when they're healthy like me. I don'teat bread or flour products. I much prefer to have brown rice in my diet and grains likequinoa or millet. But I do have a piece of bread every now and then and I really enjoya nice piece of toast with some tahini or

an organic peanut butter. And I really enjoythe taste, the texture, the smell, and I'm sure most people do. I would not eat a pieceof bread every single day with peanut butter on it. I wouldn't do that. It's just everynow and then; these things are fine. Grains in general. You need to be carefulof refined flours, white flour, donuts, cookies, these sorts of foods. Every time I go to theairport and fly out, I see the donut stand and you see all the big large people sittingthere buying donuts with all these sugar toppings. That's crap. That's the sort of stuff youwant to avoid. Ice cream, refined carbohydrates, these sorts of foods. That's the sugars. Chocolatebars full of sugar, candy, confectionary,

Heal the Gut with Sauerkraut EasyToFollow Recipe from Summer Bock

gt;gt; Pedram Shojai: Hey, everybody. PedramShojai, founder of well and the editor of Be More! Magazine here with a fermentationist.Summer Bock, a dear friend, and going to show us some wonderful things to do with food.Add some life to it and make it superfood. gt;gt; Summer Bock: We're going to just make somesauerkraut today. Really simple. The exciting thing about this is that all you need hereis cabbage, onion, dill, caraway, and salt. First of all you're going to core the cabbage.I always just take out the center there. We're just going to try to shred this and keep ita fairly even texture. We're going to chop up some onion. The reason I use onion is becauseit has prebiotics in it; it has inulin. It's

going to help this to ferment faster but italso, a lot of times it guarantees that this is going to work. Now I'm just going to chopup some dill. Dill just makes it taste delicious so it's going to add a lot of flavor to yoursauerkraut. We have the vegetables chopped up and in here and we're going to add somespices. You can use any spices; we're going to use caraway because it is a really traditionalsauerkraut spice. Then we're going to add salt. Salt is important. You want to makesure that you are using a noniodized sea salt. Iodine is a disinfectant; we don't wantto use that in here. I have Celtic sea salt here but you can use the Himalayan pink seasalt, you can use any of these. For this we're

probably just going to add about a tablespoonor so. Generally the rule is three to four tablespoons per gallon of sauerkraut. That'sa gallon with it all packed in there. We're doing about a quart today so we're going tofill it up into here; this is about a quart so we want to use I'd say one tablespoon,one and a half tablespoons. You want it to taste as salty as a Lay's potato chip. Youjust want to mix it and you're really just trying to get the salt to touch all of theveggies here. That's going to take the water out of the vegetables and into this solution.I'll show you how this creates the brine. I don't add water when I make sauerkraut soit's going to be a little more potent than

your normal sauerkraut that's been watereddown essentially. It's going to be sour and delicious. gt;gt; Pedram Shojai: That's all the water youneed because you're pulling it out of the cabbage. gt;gt; Summer Bock: Yeah. This is why you wantto use fresh, organic produce, because it's filled with all of this water and that's whatwe're trying to use to create the brine. Let's see here, I don't know if you can see it.It's glistening; the salt is already starting to get this . When you're trying to make good sauerkrautyou want to make it taste good here right

now. gt;gt; Pedram Shojai: Pounding it in there, you'regetting it kind of jammed in there as much as you can, rightégt;gt; Summer Bock: I want to get all of the air bubbles;gt; Pedram Shojai: I see. gt;gt; Summer Bock: I really want to push thisdown here. I want to smash all of the cabbage in here as tightly as possible so that theair bubbles are gone. We're starting to see some of the water gurgle through here. Yousee thaté gt;gt; Pedram Shojai: Yeah.

gt;gt; Summer Bock: That's going to form our brine.Essentially, let me just show you the stages now. What you're going to do is you're goingto fill this up. You want to leave at least an inch in the top, maybe an inch and a half,two inches. That's going to just really keep it from overflowing, because for the firstweek it's going to be incredibly active. What's really interesting is we didn't add a starterif you noticed. It's just the vegetables and the salt and the bacteria that are livingon this cabbage right now. The bacteria probably on my hands as I smash this down in thereare the bacteria that are going to inoculate and start growing now that we've created thisanaerobic environment. The way I do it, I

Best Foods To Eat On Leaky Gut Diet

Greetings. It's New Zealand naturopath EricBakker, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of dietary supplements.Thanks for checking out the tutorial today. I've got a request from a person on YouTube calledPro Chess Player. I'm not quite sure if this is a man or a lady. The person is called ProChess Player and Pro Chess Player has posed a question to me, quot;Eric, can you talk aboutfoods to eat with leaky gut syndromeé What are the best foods to eat with leaky gutéAnd also how does a leaky gut diet differ from a Candida dietéquot;Let's talk about that now. Most people with Candida have got leaky gut syndrome. I'm notgoing to go into a great deal on this tutorial

about what leaky gut is because you can seethat on some of my other tutorials, but leaky gut is basically a term we use for intestinalpermeability. It's when the small intestine becomes more permeable, particularly to differentkinds of proteins in our diet and they can affect the immune system on the other sidein particularly systemically. So these things don't necessarily follow the normal pathwayof digestion and absorption. They bypass that and they can seriously affect the immune function.Lots of people in the western world have got leaky gut. Before we go into foods to eatfor leaky gut, first let's say what you shouldn't really eat or drink with leaky gut. The topof the tree, in my opinion, is alcohol. Alcohol

really affects leaky gut. There is no wayaround this. Cutting out all forms of alcohol for several months is a clever move if youwant to heal the lining of the gut. All kind of pharmaceutical medications, especiallyantibiotics, but also antiinflammatories or any anti kind of drug is going to createa situation particularly long term where you get serious intestinal permeability. Pharmaceuticalmedications, alcohol, also takeaway food, processed food, junk food; stress also helpsto bring leaky gut to the foreground. All kind of chemicals in our diet, fluoride inwater, chlorine, heavy metals that come through different ways into our diet, these are allways we can get leaky gut and exacerbate it

if we have got it.Good foods to eat with leaky gut are foods that really allow the healing of the liningof the gut. So you've got this membrane inside the small valve called the brush border. It'sbasically a mucous rich membrane that allows beneficial bacteria to grow in there and effectivelyseals off the junctions between the cells to stop the gut from becoming permeable. Soit's all about building the lining of the gut. That's what we want to do. Think aboutfoods that are going to really achieve this. I've got a couple lists here of foods I'vewritten down. Besides, of course, the obvious fermented and cultured foods like kefir, yogurt,sauerkraut, kimchi, and there are various

other ones you can consume that are goingto really do this. They're going to really benefit leaky gut. A big caution here. Ifyou're not used to eating these kind of foods, please go slowly into these cultured and fermentedfoods. Also, the foods I'm going to read out now go easy on them.Fructooligosaccharides and galactooligosaccharide foods. Prebiotic rich foods really encouragethe gut to heal. Jerusalem artichokes, yacon tubers, burdock roots, chicory roots, dandelionroots, garlic, onions, leeks, asparagus, globe artichokes. That's the FOS foods. Now theGOS foods. Legumes, brassicas, fresh beans, beetroots, rice sourdough, if you can tolerateit, sunflower seeds, pumpkins seeds, and linseed

sunflower arine mix, which is my favorite.Here are some good vegetables for you to eat with leaky gut. Purple carrots, dark carrotsare quite good because they're high in polyphenols. Polyphenols are nutritional substances thatreally help to heal various parts of the body, especially the gut. Red cabbage, spinach,red onions, broccoli, red lettuce, black rice or red rice, whole grain sourdough rye bread,of course, and black olives. Notice how I mention black or darké Notice also how I mentioncarrotsé Carrots aren't necessarily bad for people with Candida. Unless they've got aserious yeast infection, they should not have to avoid carrots. Corn is different, however.Corn and pumpkin and squash. You need to be

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