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5 Scary Signs You Have Leaky Gut

Alright, my friend! Drew Canole. Thank you fortuning in to this week Saturday Strategy. Last week, we talked about the 23 thingsthat you and I can do to cleanse our body. You've seen amazing results with it. We got flooded with comments. Over 60,000 shares in two days. And that tells methat you love this type of information and it's actually impacting the peoplethat you care about. And that's why we do what we do at Fitlife.tv. At the end ofthis tutorial, I'm gonna be picking a winner of the juicer. But this week, we'retalking about the 11 things that I eat on a regular basis to transform my gut health. I'm also gonna tell you what leaky gut

is and the foods that you should avoid atall costs when restoring not only your immune system but your gut. You see yourgut is responsible for 80% of your entire immune system. And I want you todo this exercise with me real quick. Come back over here. We're out here inbeautiful Coronado, so sunny California. I have to love this place. And I want youto do a visualization exercise with me. I love to go outside in nature just visualize. Ithink it's really important. So what I want you to do is imagine the perfectday when you were absolutely the happiest that you've ever been.

Who are you withé What were you doingéImagine it for a second. How did you feel in that state when you were the happiesté Nowwhat I want you to do is imagine that you only had five percent of the abilityto be happy on that day. You see, 95% of the neurotransmitters, in particular,serotonin, comes from your gut. And it comes to your brain, righté That's thathappy molecule that we all want. We want to feel those happiness, the mood that'sresponsible for putting you in that state. And when you don't have it, whenyou have these glasses on that limit you to 5% of the happiness that you canexperience,

it changes your whole reality. You see a lot ofpeople are living like this. Fiftyfive percent of the U.S. is experiencing leakygut right now or gut dysbiosis. And what that is is the failure to actuallyproper absorb your food, properly absorb your food. See, it's no longer you are what youeat, it's you are what you absorb. And I've talked to you about this before. So how dowe restore the guté What things can we cut out so that we know that our littlewhite blood cells, those little soldiers that you and I have in our bodies, thatare the first line of defense, can be strong, vibrant, and healthy. Let's talkabout it!

Alright, come on in! Have a seat with me. I gottasit on for this just because I've heard this recently while doing my research forthis week's Saturday Strategy, and I was disturbed. Then, I know you're gonna bethere with this. Know that at the end of this tutorial, you're gonna have more thanenough knowledge to go out and help impact people and help them heal theirguts. But this is, this is gonna change everything. So ninetyfive percent of thenation's corn is genetically modified, righté And one of the biggest sprays thatthey put on this genetically modified food contains a chemical that is an antibiotic. Antibiotics not only destroy the

bad bacteria in your gut but the goodbacteria. So here we have a population that's eating genetically modified food. It's destroying the good gut bacteria in the body. Nnow we talked about white bloodcells, righté So your white blood cells are always in your gut, they're restoringyour gut, your leaky gut. And your body's defense system has plummeted. Eightypercent of your immune system comes from your gut, so you don't even know, most thetime, that you're eating these genetically modified foods. They'reharming your body in such a way toward disease acne, skin issues, premature aging all of these is the stress being put on on

Is There A Diet To Cure Leaky Gut

Leaky gut syndromeis said to be the cause of numerous digestive andautoimmune conditions. In this tutorial, I'm looking atdiet changes that can help. (xylophone chimes ring) In a previous tutorial, I lookedat what leaky gut syndrome is, what it's not, as well as some conditions that are commonly linked to it. Another question I commonly come across

is about how to cure it. Is there a specific dieté Well, the research is reallyunclear at this stage. Leaky gut proponents claimthat restoring your gut barrier will cure your disease or condition. However, this has not yet been proven and is based on an untested theory. In fact, current researchsuggests it's not the case.

Human and rodent studies showthat intestinal barrier loss is insufficient to initiatedisease on its own. Additionally, drugs thathelp restore barrier function have not been effective for treating conditionssuch as celiac disease. Therefore, primary forms of treatment targeting the specific autoimmune disease should be followed first.

Given the nonspecific natureof leaky gut syndrome, there is no onesizefitsalldietary approach. That's because a diet that quot;healsquot; the gut may not actually cureyour specific condition in your unique individual situation. Now, I realize that that type of answer is not particularly helpful, so there are some general recommendations

that you can consider. The first is to remove gluten. Although only a small percentage of people are gluten intolerant,chances are you're one of them if you have an autoimmune disease. Given the link of gluten and gut health, specifically gliadin and its effect on protein calledzonulin, it can be useful

to trial a glutenfreediet for one month or more. That means cutting outglutencontaining foods, such as bread andproducts containing flour. They don't offer any unique nutrients that you can't get fromother foods anyway. But just remember thatglutenfree junk food is still junk food. The next tip is to eatway more vegetables.

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