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Thanks for checking out this comprehensivetutorial today. In this tutorial, I'm going to talk about leaky gut syndrome. It's a functionalcomplaint that's often been maligned by medical practitioners. Before I delve into it, I justwant to read out an email I got from a firstyear medical student from America regarding leakygut. I wrote an article on EricBakker regardingleaky gut, and this is what this particular student wrote. She says, quot;Mr. Bakker, leakygut syndrome is pure naturopathic nonsense. It's just like adrenal fatigue, just anotherfictitious manmade disease. Many people confuse adrenal fatigue with Addison's disease, whichis an actual, real and diagnosable medical

condition when you don't make enough cortisolin your glands. This can only be diagnosed by your real , and various tests areneeded to diagnose this disease. Candida is bullshit, too. It is possible to have a fullbody fungal infection, but you'd be in the intensive care unit nearly dead.' Signed,Miss so and so. This is a very interesting email from a person,obviously a firstyear medical student, so I'll forgive her for her ignorance. When Iwas a medical student, I was quite ignorant, too, and had a lot of strong opinions aboutthings which I know now 27 years later I've got completely different ideas about. It'sinteresting and I think back at my dad who

was a very pragmatic man, and Dad said thatopinions are like bowel motions. We all have them from time to time. Sometimes some peoplehave more or less. Sometimes people are full of these things and just pass out bowel motionsall the time. Almost like verbal diarrhea. And that's what we've got in this case. Aperson with verbal diarrhea. So I'll forgive this person, of course, because she's a medicalstudent. And if she happens to see this YouTube clip, I welcome her to contact me when she'squalified and maybe 10 years down the track when she's settled into a practice a bit moreand overcome a little bit of that verbal diarrhea. Let's now have a look at leaky gut syndrome,what the condition really entails. Leaky gut

syndrome is not a fictitious disease. In fact,there are many different research papers in mainstream medical journals that have beenwritten about intestinal permeability. It's certainly not fictitious by any means. Whenwe examine the small intestine, there are three sections to the small intestine. Thefirst part, which connects up to the stomach, is called the duodenum. And in America, Ibelieve they call it the duodenum. The duodenum contains quite a lot of intense solar activitythere in terms of digestion. In fact, there's a very small section at the beginning of theduodenum which is about 75 to 90 mils that contains most of the person's immune functionactivity of the whole digestive system. We're

talking about probably three or four inchesof bowel, which is impacted with an incredible amount of immune cells.It's estimated that about 60 percent of a person's immune activity is located in thesmall intestine, and probably three quarters of that is in the first three to four inchesof that section of small intestine. If we examine the small intestine and open it up,it has a surface area of about a tennis court. It's remarkable. You may see some pictureson the internet of what we call villi and microvilli. Villi are basically, I'll drawa picture for you. They're small, funny shaped objects like this. That's a villi and a villilooks a little bit like that. Microvilli are

basically the little projections that runoff the villi. You can see those. If you have a look closer, we've actually got even smallervilli that run off those. The point I'm making here is the surface area is dramatically increasedbecause we've got a huge amount of digestive area that we're looking at.If you look at the microvilli, little fingerlike projections, there's basically one cell layerthat goes around the microvilli. These cellular junctions in a healthy person are very tightand wellcontrolled spaces. And the body does this to allow very well digested particlesof proteins, carbohydrates and fats to get through to the circulatory system. These foodcomponents have to be broken down to the tiniest

4 Ways To Use Turmeric as Medicine Recipe Saturday Strategy

Turmeric as medicine. Five scientificallyproven case studies that we've pulled up just for you today that are gonna show youhow powerful turmeric is against some of the common pharmaceutical medicine that's outthere today. And I'm also gonna be sharing one of my favorite recipes to increase theabsorption of turmeric in your body. At the tail end of this tutorial I'm gonna bring aboutsome people that have been taking Organifi. I wanna show you what results they've seenand some of the impressive testimonials that we have in the community all over the UnitedStates and the rest of the world. So about

a year ago, I was in the farmers market andI saw something that look just like ginger. It was this little root here. A little bitoranger in flavor obviously. You open it up and it almost look like a carrot righté AndI'm like, you know what, let me try it so I brought it home and I started juicing thisstuff. And what I noticed in my own life was remarkable. A lot of the pain and inflammatoryresponses that I notice from the past from working out and being a runner and doing allthe exercise that I did through all my life subsided rather quickly. And I realize thatTurmeric has some very advance healing properties when you have it in a consistent basis. Over600 experimental health benefits have been

related to turmeric and Curcumin specificallythe active ingredient inside of it. Curcumin is a little bit oranger in nature. As youcould tell this is Curcumin, this is turmeric. It's very bright, it's very vibrant. Andwhat I've seen is, the more potent it is the vibrant the contrast is as well and themore absorbable it is. Curcumin actually inserts itself inside cell membranes that aren'tworking effectively in your body and helps amplify them. So I'm reading about Curcuminand what I read is it actually goes inside your cell membrane and it changes the physicalproperty of your cell membrane and makes it better. Curcumin is therapeutic for lung disease,liver disease, autoimmune disorders and cardiovascular

disease. Turmeric blocks the inflammatorypathways that are in your body that could be caused from years of stress, surgery, Injury,different things like that. Curcumin has the most evidence based literature in regardsto using against cancer. Alright let's pull up our first study here. In a 2008 study publishedin a Journal Drugs in R D from the standardized preparation of curcuminoids from turmericcompared favorably to a leading cholesterol drug. A 2009 study published in the Journalof Biochemistry and Biophysical Research Community explored how Curcumin can be 500 to 100,000times more potent than some common diabetes medication today at utilizing or handlingcarbs in your body. There was also a 1986

in vitro and ex vivo study published in theJournal of Arzneimittelforschung, I don't how to say that. Can we put that belowé Tryto Say this with me, Arzneimittelforschung found that Curcumin has antiplatelet and prostacyclinmodulating effects compared to aspirin and I, basically what this means is that it'sa better blood thinner that some of those other medications that are out there suchas aspirin. And then our final study is maybe for the Prozac but it's a depression medication.A 2011 study published in the Journal of Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica found that Curcumincompared favorably to Prozac and some other depression medication in reducing depressivebehavior. Wow! I absolutely love researching

this for you. You know knowing that there'sother things out there that we have access to whether you're a school teacher or you'retruck driver whatever your profession is you probably don't have all the time in theworld to look at research articles and really find out what's best for you. So the FitLifeteam and I dedicate a numerous amount of hours, research time and is dedicated to really understandingwhat's best for our bodies. So I wanted to reveal those studies to you and I alsowanna show you how I take turmeric because there's a difference between vitamins rightéThere's water soluble vitamins and nutrients, minerals, different things like that. There'salso fat soluble. So one thing that I do with

7 Reasons Juicing Is Making You Gain Fat Saturday Strategy

Don't make the same mistake that a lot ofhealthy people make, if you juice the wrong way juicing will make you gain weight. Allthis and more in this week's Saturday Strategy. Seven reasons how juicing is making you fatéAnd then I'm gonna show you one of my favorite sugar free juice recipes that is gonna leaveyou satiated and filling full all day long. Let's do this! Reason number one, you'rejuicing too much sugar. Lot of people come to me, they're juicing not only fruit that'sloaded with sugar, you got your pineapple, bananas, different things like that but they'realso juicing sugary vegetables. Example, beets, carrots, other things, root vegetables areloaded with sugar. You wanna cut that out.

Number two, you're not eating enough food.You're metabolically slowed your metabolism so slow that anything you eat is being storedas fat so you wanna eat food as well unless you're doing a three to a five day cleanseto reset your system and then you're revving up your metabolism after that, I wanna seeeveryone eating healthy, nutritious food as well. You're drinking juice on an alreadyfull stomach. I don't know if you've done this my friend but I've done it before whereyou eat food and then you juice right afterwards. This can really disrupt your digestive systemand actually slow it down to a turtles pace. You wanna make sure that you're drinkingyour juice on an empty stomach not only that

you're chewing it because the amylase andthe different enzymes on your mouth starts to digest that stuff and it treats it likea meal. Its mother nature's insurance righté To keep you healthy but you wanna drink iton empty stomach. Now I know you know this but you wanna drink your juice right awaybecause that's when it has all your enzymes, your nutrients, phytonutrients but did youknow that if you wait too long there's actually more sugar in the juice. So you wanna drinkit within fifteen minutes. Number five you're juicing the same thing over and over again.After four days of nonrotation, the greens and stuff that you're actually putting inyour juice, your body gets used to it therefore

the enzymes and nutrients, the vitamins thatare in there you're body's not absorbing it as effectively so you wanna rotate yourgreens at least every four days. Number six, you're not juicing the peels, rinds andskin. There's actually more vitamins on some of the rinds and skins on the fruitsand veggies than there is in the actual vegetable or fruit. So you wanna make sure you'rejuicing that tons of medicinal benefits. Organic lemon peels as an example have oil in them.It's one of the most detoxifying compounds on the planet for phase two liver detoxification.So you wanna make sure your juicing that as well. And number seven like anything elsein life, you're not juicing consistently.

If you're not doing this consistently thenyour body isn't getting the maximum benefits. That's why I say drink your green juiceevery single day and if you don't have a juicer or you don't have the time to makeyour juice then at least make sure you're drinking Organifi to green juice every singleday to get your superfoods, to get your vitamins and everything else. I'm blown away withsome of the responses we're receiving all over the world from people that are drinkingthe green juice and seeing maximum results. So the biggest takeaway is if you're notjuicing consistently, if you haven't hit your weight loss goal that you're tryingto hit, if you don't feel comfortable in

your own skin when you're going to beachor a pool party this summer, it's not your fault. You just didn't know and knowledgeis power. So the more you watch our tutorials at FitLife TV the more knowledge you acquire,the more you're impacting the people around you, your family and your friends and themore you take that position, the better your body is gonna start looking. The more changedyour start, you start to create and that's what awesome about it so when I say we'rein this together, I mean it. Let's get on with this recipe. We got a handful of Parsleyhere. I have one lime. I have three stalks of celery just like this. I have two cucumbersit's gonna be a good base. Also remember

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