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5 Scary Signs You Have Leaky Gut

Alright, my friend! Drew Canole. Thank you fortuning in to this week Saturday Strategy. Last week, we talked about the 23 thingsthat you and I can do to cleanse our body. You've seen amazing results with it. We got flooded with comments. Over 60,000 shares in two days. And that tells methat you love this type of information and it's actually impacting the peoplethat you care about. And that's why we do what we do at Fitlife.tv. At the end ofthis tutorial, I'm gonna be picking a winner of the juicer. But this week, we'retalking about the 11 things that I eat on a regular basis to transform my gut health. I'm also gonna tell you what leaky gut

is and the foods that you should avoid atall costs when restoring not only your immune system but your gut. You see yourgut is responsible for 80% of your entire immune system. And I want you todo this exercise with me real quick. Come back over here. We're out here inbeautiful Coronado, so sunny California. I have to love this place. And I want youto do a visualization exercise with me. I love to go outside in nature just visualize. Ithink it's really important. So what I want you to do is imagine the perfectday when you were absolutely the happiest that you've ever been.

Who are you withé What were you doingéImagine it for a second. How did you feel in that state when you were the happiesté Nowwhat I want you to do is imagine that you only had five percent of the abilityto be happy on that day. You see, 95% of the neurotransmitters, in particular,serotonin, comes from your gut. And it comes to your brain, righté That's thathappy molecule that we all want. We want to feel those happiness, the mood that'sresponsible for putting you in that state. And when you don't have it, whenyou have these glasses on that limit you to 5% of the happiness that you canexperience,

it changes your whole reality. You see a lot ofpeople are living like this. Fiftyfive percent of the U.S. is experiencing leakygut right now or gut dysbiosis. And what that is is the failure to actuallyproper absorb your food, properly absorb your food. See, it's no longer you are what youeat, it's you are what you absorb. And I've talked to you about this before. So how dowe restore the guté What things can we cut out so that we know that our littlewhite blood cells, those little soldiers that you and I have in our bodies, thatare the first line of defense, can be strong, vibrant, and healthy. Let's talkabout it!

Alright, come on in! Have a seat with me. I gottasit on for this just because I've heard this recently while doing my research forthis week's Saturday Strategy, and I was disturbed. Then, I know you're gonna bethere with this. Know that at the end of this tutorial, you're gonna have more thanenough knowledge to go out and help impact people and help them heal theirguts. But this is, this is gonna change everything. So ninetyfive percent of thenation's corn is genetically modified, righté And one of the biggest sprays thatthey put on this genetically modified food contains a chemical that is an antibiotic. Antibiotics not only destroy the

bad bacteria in your gut but the goodbacteria. So here we have a population that's eating genetically modified food. It's destroying the good gut bacteria in the body. Nnow we talked about white bloodcells, righté So your white blood cells are always in your gut, they're restoringyour gut, your leaky gut. And your body's defense system has plummeted. Eightypercent of your immune system comes from your gut, so you don't even know, most thetime, that you're eating these genetically modified foods. They'reharming your body in such a way toward disease acne, skin issues, premature aging all of these is the stress being put on on

How to Naturally Heal Low Stomach Acid

Hey, guys, Axe here from draxe . Today,I'm going to talk about natural remedies for low stomach acid. The truth is, your stomachmust be acidic and highly acidic to break down the food you're consuming and for properabsorption. If you have acid reflux of any type, GERD,heartburn, if you have a condition like leaky gut or inflammatory bowel disease, even mostskin issues today, or a lack of certain nutrients, those are all major warning signs that youhave low stomach acid. So you actually want to naturally balance the pH of your stomach. I'm going to talk about the top five stepsand natural remedies you can take and follow

to naturally improve your stomach acid andimprove your digestive function. Again, these are great ways, especially if you have acidreflux, these are great natural cures and remedies. So number one thing you can do to start tobalance this pH in your stomach is take apple cider vinegar right before your meals. I wouldtake one tablespoon and just a very small thing of water. Apple cider vinegar is a great thing to do.It's a great natural remedy because apple cider vinegar has a very low pH in balancewith your stomach. That's the number one remedy.

By the way, one of the thing oftentimes I'lladd to my apple cider vinegar before a meal are digestive bitters. You can get a littletincture of digestive bitters. Those are also great. In fact, bitters have been consumedfor thousands of years right after meals or before meals to improve your digestion. Number two thing you want to start takingto improve your stomach acid are digestive enzymes. I would get a good digestive enzymeblend and do one to two caps right before your meal. You could even take that with theapple cider vinegar. Digestive enzymes will help you fully break down those nutrients.

If your stomach acid is too high, that willactually not allow you to break down the food you're eating, so you must get plenty of enzymes.That's not something you should have to take the rest of your life, but it is somethingyou should take for a time until your stomach acid balances out. That's number two. Number three thing you may consider if youhave stomach acid is HCL with pepsin. That's hydrochloric acid with pepsin. Now, hydrochloricacid is naturally created in your stomach now. That is really the main thing that createsthat very acidic environment to break down food.

But if you're deficient in hydrochloric acid,in stomach acid yourself, that's not going to allow you to fully digest and break downthings like protein, which over time, can also cause a condition called leaky gut. Soyou want to do everything you can to heal and repair your gut. So again, HCL with pepsin is a great thingyou can start taking on a regular basis to really help heal your GI tract, to help fightthings like acid reflux, but again, to help improve stomach acid. Now, the trick with HCL is you typically wantto take that while you're under the care of

a physician or start off with one capsule.By the way, you only take HCL with pepsin if you're taking protein during a meal. Soagain, if you're not taking protein in a meal, you don't want to use it. If you're getting quite a bit of protein ina meal like chicken or beef, you want to take HCL. When you get warmness in your stomachthat means you're taking enough. You need to back it down. Some people need one, somepeople may need to take up to nine capsules of HCL with pepsin. The fourth thing you can do to improve stomachacid is take Manuka honey. Manuka honey is

Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Hey guys, Axe here, founder of DrAxe and of natural medicine. In this tutorial I'm going to share with you the four mainbenefits of activated charcoal. Activated charcoal, I think you're going to be surprisedwhen you hear about these four benefits and how it can be used on a regular basis or inemergency situations to even save somebody's life. Now for starters, activated charcoal, theway it works is it doesn't work by absorbing toxins like some things do. It works by adsorbingtoxins. What adsorption means is that activated charcoal has many pores within it, and activatedcharcoal itself is full of negatively charged

ions, and so what that does, it works likea magnet. Imagine this, you've activated charcoal goingthrough your bloodstream or through your gut. What it does is it starts to attract positiveelements. So heavy metals and certain toxins, it actually works like a magnet and they'reattracted to it. They bind to the outside of and bind to the activated charcoal itself.So for that reason that's where you're going to get most of the benefits of activated charcoalis through its ability to adsorb toxins within the body. For that reason, number one way it's usedtoday is through water filtration. If you've

got to filter water, activated carbon or activatedcharcoal is actually used for water filtration systems. So that's one of the things you'llsee. One of the second ways it's used today isthrough cleansing your body of mold. Mold today has a positive charge versus a negativecharge of activated carbon. So oftentimes what people will do is take the equivalentof three capsules three times a day of activated charcoal or a tablespoon three times a day,and that will bind to mold within your system and help your body excrete it. Now if you do decide to do a mold cleanseand take activated charcoal, you want to double

to triple your water intake, so typicallydrinking your weight in ounces of water a day. So if you weigh 180 pounds, you wantto drink about 180 ounces of water that day. So again drinking a lot of water down is importantbecause one of the side effects is it can cause constipation and cause you to back upif you're doing a large amount of activated charcoal or activated carbon as I'm talkingabout. So again, you do have to be careful for thatreason. But again it is amazing for cleansing your body of mold. Again, if you've ever beenin a moldy home or had a mold issue, using activated charcoal can work. But again it'snot something for that reason or in general

you want to use long term. Just for that shortperiod of time. The number three thing that you can use activatedcharcoal or activated carbon for is for general detoxification. As I mentioned earlier, itadsorbs the toxins. If you've been exposed to heavy metals, such as mercury or lead,it can be used that way. One of the things I've had many of my patientsdo in the past is I've worked with patients who've worked with mercury safe dentists andthey've gone and had their amalgam and silver fillings removed. Well, on that day I actuallyhave them do large doses of probiotics along with activated charcoal to make sure if anyof those vapors would somehow get in their

system, activated charcoal is there alongwith the probiotics to help bind to it and help eliminate it from their system. So again,for that reason through toxic adsorbtion is a great way that you can use it again justfor a short period of time, maybe a period of three days, one to three days using activatedcharcoal for that reason. And last but not least, according to a medicalstudy, activated charcoal is even more effective at helping your body eliminate things likealcohol poisoning and saving someone's life than pumping somebody's stomach. So again,if you or someone you know ever swallows a poison or toxin, whether that be alcohol orsomething else, activated charcoal is something

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