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Greetings. It's Eric Bakker, naturopath fromNew Zealand, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of a range of products called Canxida.Thanks for checking out this tutorial. I've got a question here from a guy on YouTube calledPro Chess Player. I think his name is Josh and Josh is asking me quot;Eric, can you pleasedo a tutorial on foods to avoid for Leaky Gut syndromeéquot; Josh, one thing you and I havegot in common. I think I've checked out your site. You love playing chess. So do I, butI keep getting beaten by my teenage son, which is really annoying for me. One thing I don'tget beaten by is questions for Candida, so we're going to address that right now.What are some foods to avoid with leaky guté

Well, I've just spent a little bit of timeon the internet looking at a lot of sites on leaky gut syndrome to get a feel for whatthe general consensus is out there. Here's quite a wellknown website from a very wellknown in America who will remain nameless and this is saying, quot;Foods that causeleaky gut, gluten, cow's products, sugar, unsprouted grains, and GMO.quot; Very true, ,but there are a lot of things that you're missing out on. I'm going to go into somedetail with this tutorial. Grains, I've got another site, in fact, I just went to Google and typedin foods to avoid with leaky gut, and the paleodiet came up. Grains, legumes, dairy,sugar, unhealthy oils, alcohol, caffeine,

excessive carbohydrate consumption. This isa bit closer to the mark. But when you've got leaky gut, basically,a good advice for you with foods to avoid in general is processed foods. Processed foods,in general. So when you go shopping, I've said this before in tutorials, if you do shopat a supermarket, buy your foods only from the outside perimeter. Meats, vegetables,perishable products because these are less likely to cause problems with leaky gut. Itis true that alcohol and caffeine do cause leaky gut. Alcohol, to me, is the top of thequot;noquot; tree when it comes to leaky gut. If you would say to me, quot;What food is most associatedwith leaky gutéquot; I would say alcohol.

What out of everything I know is associatedwith leaky gut is antibiotics. That's really the top of the biggest tree is antibioticsor all kinds of pharmaceutical medications, antiinflammatories, steroids, antidepressants,sleeping pills, any kind of a drug, for blocking stomach acid or reducing pain. All of thesedrugs are involved in leaky gut. Including Tylenol, paracetamol, any of these kind ofdrugs. Birth control pills, all involved with leaky gut. But antibiotics are the top ofthe tree. But when we look at foods and beverages, alcoholis right at the top, so don't even think about drinking alcohol if you're worried about leakygut. And even if your gut is healthy like

mine, drinking alcohol occasionally will predisposeyou to leaky gut. You will make your gut increasingly leaky by drinking. Every drink you take increasesyour likelihood of making the gut leakier and leakier. And then on top of that if youput antibiotics and high stress in there, you're a sitting duck for a serious leakygut problem. Grains, yes and no. I believe that most peoplecan tolerate small amounts of gluten in their diet when they're healthy like me. I don'teat bread or flour products. I much prefer to have brown rice in my diet and grains likequinoa or millet. But I do have a piece of bread every now and then and I really enjoya nice piece of toast with some tahini or

an organic peanut butter. And I really enjoythe taste, the texture, the smell, and I'm sure most people do. I would not eat a pieceof bread every single day with peanut butter on it. I wouldn't do that. It's just everynow and then; these things are fine. Grains in general. You need to be carefulof refined flours, white flour, donuts, cookies, these sorts of foods. Every time I go to theairport and fly out, I see the donut stand and you see all the big large people sittingthere buying donuts with all these sugar toppings. That's crap. That's the sort of stuff youwant to avoid. Ice cream, refined carbohydrates, these sorts of foods. That's the sugars. Chocolatebars full of sugar, candy, confectionary,

Robyn OBrien TEDxAustin 2011

Well, first of all, before I get started, I want to take the opportunityto thank all of you for being here because you are a remarkablegroup of visionaries and leaders, and it is such an honorto spend this time with you today, so that you for taking the timeout of your weekend. As I like to share,I am such an unlikely crusader for cleaning up the food supply. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas

on Twinkies and po' boys. I wasn't a foodie. What I was, was the oldestof four children, and as you often hear about, I inherited absolutely every single oneof those Type A overachieving genes you read about in a firstborn child. And thankfully, I channeled thatinto business school. I received a full scholarship

and graduated as the top woman in my class before going on to serveas a food industry analyst. And when management teamswould come through our offices from Whole Foods and Wild Oats, we kind of thought they hada nice marketing niche carved out. It was eitherquot;Lifestyles of the Rich and Famousquot; or some hippie thing. It just wasn't something thatwe were particularly on board with.

And after doing that for a while,I traded the briefcase for a diaper bag, and with that same Type A energy, my husband and Ihad four kids in five years. (Laughter) And up until that point,I really had not given a lot of thought about what was in the food supply. I figured if it was on grocerystore shelves, it was safe. Don't tell me what to eat,

and please do not tell mewhat to feed my kids. I had four picky eaters,limited time, limited budget, and I didn't want to hear it. And then one morningover breakfast, life changed, and our youngest childhad an allergic reaction. And in all candor that morning, that breakfast was L'Eggo my Eggo waffles,tubes of blue yogurt, and scrambled eggs. And as her face started to swell shut,

I was so unfamiliar withwhat a food allergy actually looked like, that I turnedto my older three and I said, quot;What did you put in her faceéquot; And they all gave methose blank, little kid stares, and I got so scared. And I raced herto the pediatrician's office and she says, quot;Robyn,she's having this allergic reaction. What did you feed the kids for breakfastéquot;

How to Do a Bone Broth Fast

Hey, guys, Axe here. of naturalmedicine and Founder of draxe . In this tutorial I want to teach you how to do a bonebroth fast. And this is something I've taught my patients how to do for years. The benefitsare tremendous. If you're looking to improve your metabolism, support your digestion, improvethe health of your skin, hair and nails, support detoxification, take your digestion to thenext level, detox your body and have healthier joints and flexibility and comfort, all ofthose issues bone broth can help. And for a lot of us, we are so deficient in bone broththat doing a bone broth fast can help us load up on these things as well resting our organs.

And listen, I've done a lot of fasts and cleansesover the years. I've done the Daniel Fast, I've done juice cleanses and fasts, I've doneliver cleanses, colon cleanses, the masters cleanse, the makers cleanse. I've done allof these different cleanses in the past, and the bone broth fast that I've done is by farthe most effective way I've seen to really support health in the body as well as restthe body at the same time. And so again I'm going to teach you how to do that and themany benefits of doing a bone broth fast. So one of two things you'll need with doingthis bone broth fast. It's typically going to last three days, so I recommend doing athreeday bone broth fast. And that's where

the only thing you're drinking is bone brothfor essentially five meals a day. So you're going to drink a glass of bone broth fivetimes a day, and that's really it. So that's what you'll do with the bone broth fast. And the benefits are this. When we look atbone broth, bone broth is high in so many nutrients that our bodies are missing. Andhere is the other thing I love about this cleanse. I've done cleanses and fasts in thepast where afterwards I'll lose a lot of weight, but I'll lose muscle mass not just body fat.The great thing about a bone broth cleanse is bone broth is high in amino acids and protein,so when you do that fast, you'll only lose

fat and not lose the muscle. And that's reallyimportant for someone like me who can lose muscle easily. We want to lose the fat, keepthe muscle. And that's why this is so much better than any other cleanse especially atrevving the metabolism up and supporting detoxification. And so bone broth, here are some things toremember about it. Number one, it's packed with amino acids. It's high in the amino acidsproline, glutamine, glycine and arginine. And proline is the main amino acid that helpstighten and tone our skin, but it also supports gut health. If you have leaky gut or digestiveissues, this helps with the colon. It helps cleansing the colon and the skin. So if youwant to cleanse the colon and the skin which

are connected, proline is great. It also contains amino acid glycine. Glycinesupports liver detoxification. And so many of us we're exposed to so many toxins on aregular basis, from environmental pollutants, to home cleaning products, to personal careproducts or even shampoo and our own deodorant we use are loaded with chemicals for manyof us on a regular basis. Well, glycine can help your liver in detoxifying. Number three amino acid, Lglutamine. Lglutamineis the number one amino acid that supports leaky gut and gut repair which is great forcleansing as well. And then number four, arginine

which supports circulation of hormone cleansing.So again if you want to naturally support circulation, your heart health, your lungsdetoxification, that's where that amino acid arginine is so important. So again bone brothis full of all of those. Also bone broth has potassium, the ultimatecleansing mineral. Most of us get way too much sodium in our diet. And remember sodiumbrings nutrients and water into your body, potassium helps flush waste and toxins outof your body. So most of us are deficient in potassium and have too much sodium. Weneed to balance that out. When that happens, it's called your body'ssodiumpotassium pump. Imagine your body starts

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