Leaky Gut Hoax

5 Scary Signs You Have Leaky Gut

Alright, my friend! Drew Canole. Thank you fortuning in to this week Saturday Strategy. Last week, we talked about the 23 thingsthat you and I can do to cleanse our body. You've seen amazing results with it. We got flooded with comments. Over 60,000 shares in two days. And that tells methat you love this type of information and it's actually impacting the peoplethat you care about. And that's why we do what we do at Fitlife.tv. At the end ofthis tutorial, I'm gonna be picking a winner of the juicer. But this week, we'retalking about the 11 things that I eat on a regular basis to transform my gut health. I'm also gonna tell you what leaky gut

is and the foods that you should avoid atall costs when restoring not only your immune system but your gut. You see yourgut is responsible for 80% of your entire immune system. And I want you todo this exercise with me real quick. Come back over here. We're out here inbeautiful Coronado, so sunny California. I have to love this place. And I want youto do a visualization exercise with me. I love to go outside in nature just visualize. Ithink it's really important. So what I want you to do is imagine the perfectday when you were absolutely the happiest that you've ever been.

Who are you withé What were you doingéImagine it for a second. How did you feel in that state when you were the happiesté Nowwhat I want you to do is imagine that you only had five percent of the abilityto be happy on that day. You see, 95% of the neurotransmitters, in particular,serotonin, comes from your gut. And it comes to your brain, righté That's thathappy molecule that we all want. We want to feel those happiness, the mood that'sresponsible for putting you in that state. And when you don't have it, whenyou have these glasses on that limit you to 5% of the happiness that you canexperience,

it changes your whole reality. You see a lot ofpeople are living like this. Fiftyfive percent of the U.S. is experiencing leakygut right now or gut dysbiosis. And what that is is the failure to actuallyproper absorb your food, properly absorb your food. See, it's no longer you are what youeat, it's you are what you absorb. And I've talked to you about this before. So how dowe restore the guté What things can we cut out so that we know that our littlewhite blood cells, those little soldiers that you and I have in our bodies, thatare the first line of defense, can be strong, vibrant, and healthy. Let's talkabout it!

Alright, come on in! Have a seat with me. I gottasit on for this just because I've heard this recently while doing my research forthis week's Saturday Strategy, and I was disturbed. Then, I know you're gonna bethere with this. Know that at the end of this tutorial, you're gonna have more thanenough knowledge to go out and help impact people and help them heal theirguts. But this is, this is gonna change everything. So ninetyfive percent of thenation's corn is genetically modified, righté And one of the biggest sprays thatthey put on this genetically modified food contains a chemical that is an antibiotic. Antibiotics not only destroy the

bad bacteria in your gut but the goodbacteria. So here we have a population that's eating genetically modified food. It's destroying the good gut bacteria in the body. Nnow we talked about white bloodcells, righté So your white blood cells are always in your gut, they're restoringyour gut, your leaky gut. And your body's defense system has plummeted. Eightypercent of your immune system comes from your gut, so you don't even know, most thetime, that you're eating these genetically modified foods. They'reharming your body in such a way toward disease acne, skin issues, premature aging all of these is the stress being put on on

How to Fix Leaky Gut Syndrome

hey guy's in this tutorial you know where andhow white treat leaky gut and how we can benefit from this approach and what's up everybody gets me in newyork nor my last week's tutorial of talking about me he got if you missed it put the link right there right now i'm going to playing to u howyou can actually takes certain steps to help you plug a book holding your body and make you feel muchbetter

if a remember from last tutorial we had yourselves right so we're in trial yourselves right here every member yourselves part ofbodyguards right in our situation right now our body guards aren't working correct so that means

when you have a leaky gut there's holesright here fina holes in your body and it's going to write your bloodstreamslaps ur blood and everything that you're feeling rightnow orgo poisonous food so your heating are speaking and the going rate your blood fromdropping the or more quacks out but we already know this pack certain foods certain lifestyle thatsort of things you know like you cause

week you've got the question remains is how you can fixit and my first effort fixing anything inthe body is not i think it's eliminating and if you remember lycos matching mylast tutorial is foods do cause leaky gut one of these foods is weak lieutenant collided and so you've gotgluten provided in

is a very dangerous protein amid right at the start right here this protein full actually caused ignore sells in your and pastimes two separate causing making dot so obviously we want to remove gluten which is we which the grain

second thing you want to remove is gary because gary has been called pcm said it casing the does exactly the same thingthat's a mechanism so that you have here will drop jogged area as uh. tunnel i grew up with more right here so he's evil and then gary were comin in their earswith exactly the same thing causing these holes in your dot and youdon't want that

Is Leaky Gut Candida

Thank you for checking this tutorial out. Isleaky gut Candidaé Is leaky gut Candida itself or is it associated with Candidaé Can youexplain this pleaseé Well, what you're going to find is leaky gutor intestinal permeability is not generally caused by Candida, but there's often a bigassociation between them both. Many people develop leaky gut syndrome as a consequenceof their diet or lifestyle. In fact, most patients I see have some type of intestinalpermeability. This is a real problem today, and we see itparticularly with people with poor lifestyles. People who aren't resting up enough. Peopleeating the wrong kind of foods. People who

are relying on medications, all sorts of medicationsfor the stomach, for their joints for inflammation, headache pills, all sorts of pills. They canaffect the digestion quite a lot. Some foods that contribute to leaky gut inmy opinion are commercial poultry with quite a lot of antibiotics in it. You'd be surprisedhow many antibiotics are put in commercial poultry that's quite inexpensive, so thesefoods destroy a lot of the beneficial bacteria and contribute to leaky gut. You may not beaware of that. How do you know you've got leaky guté Whatare some of the signs and symptoms of ité Food intolerance, bloating, a lot of gas,flatulence, these are typical signs and symptoms

of leaky gut syndrome. Change in bowel habitwhen the bowel's a bit all over the place can be a sign there as well. I would say that in my opinion that most peoplewith Candida have some degree of leaky gut. A quick way to overcome this, of course, isto include some fermented or cultured foods into the diet. Remove the poor dietary choicesthat you're making, particularly sugars and alcohols and foods like that. Abstain fromall pharmaceutical medications is a good step in the right direction. Eating a lot morefresh foods and in summer, I like people to eat raw foods like fresh salads. Cut up yourown foods. Grow your own foods if you can.

I've got a large vegetable garden, so I tendto grow a lot of leafy greens and all the brassicas, all the solanaceaes and tomatoes,egg plants, capsicums, all the herbs. I grow large amounts of parsley and mint, basil,oregano, thyme, rosemary; I grow all of the herbs. We tend to cook with lots of freshfoods. I have usually stirfries every day for lunch, which are partially cooked foodsand I put in there lots of spring onions, the Chinese vegetables that go in there. Thisis a good dietary approach. These sorts of foods are going to heal the leaky gut. Fresh foods contain enzymes. Enzymes allowthe body to break the foods down rapidly and

extract more goodness from them. Cooked foodsdon't do that. Cooked foods are harder to digest, so easy to digest foods. A good wayto look and understand if your bowel is healthy is to look at the bowel motions themselves.Wellformed bowel motions and easily eliminated is a sign of a healthy bowel generally. Especiallyif there's no bloating and there's minimal gas. That tells you that you're not eatinga lot of bad sugars. That you're eating plenty of fiber and you've got a good water contentto the diet as well. These are manners to overcome leaky gut syndrome. And also Candidahates a diet that is full of these sorts of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Initially with Candida, you need to be carefulof the fruits, but over a period of time, you can eat all the fruits again. Fruits generallycan upset a person with severe yeast infection, so that's just a couple of good ideas foryou. Last tip that I'll leave you with is to reallytry to increase the amount of cultured or fermented foods you eat. This will reallyhelp you overcome leaky gut, particularly if you like foods like sauerkraut that I do.I recently cut up eight cabbages and made up a large amount of sauerkraut. I also enjoykefir culture. Kefir is very simple to make at home and so is sauerkraut. Yogurt's easyto make at home. Kimchee is easy to make at

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