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Thanks for checking out this comprehensivetutorial today. In this tutorial, I'm going to talk about leaky gut syndrome. It's a functionalcomplaint that's often been maligned by medical practitioners. Before I delve into it, I justwant to read out an email I got from a firstyear medical student from America regarding leakygut. I wrote an article on EricBakker regardingleaky gut, and this is what this particular student wrote. She says, quot;Mr. Bakker, leakygut syndrome is pure naturopathic nonsense. It's just like adrenal fatigue, just anotherfictitious manmade disease. Many people confuse adrenal fatigue with Addison's disease, whichis an actual, real and diagnosable medical

condition when you don't make enough cortisolin your glands. This can only be diagnosed by your real , and various tests areneeded to diagnose this disease. Candida is bullshit, too. It is possible to have a fullbody fungal infection, but you'd be in the intensive care unit nearly dead.' Signed,Miss so and so. This is a very interesting email from a person,obviously a firstyear medical student, so I'll forgive her for her ignorance. When Iwas a medical student, I was quite ignorant, too, and had a lot of strong opinions aboutthings which I know now 27 years later I've got completely different ideas about. It'sinteresting and I think back at my dad who

was a very pragmatic man, and Dad said thatopinions are like bowel motions. We all have them from time to time. Sometimes some peoplehave more or less. Sometimes people are full of these things and just pass out bowel motionsall the time. Almost like verbal diarrhea. And that's what we've got in this case. Aperson with verbal diarrhea. So I'll forgive this person, of course, because she's a medicalstudent. And if she happens to see this YouTube clip, I welcome her to contact me when she'squalified and maybe 10 years down the track when she's settled into a practice a bit moreand overcome a little bit of that verbal diarrhea. Let's now have a look at leaky gut syndrome,what the condition really entails. Leaky gut

syndrome is not a fictitious disease. In fact,there are many different research papers in mainstream medical journals that have beenwritten about intestinal permeability. It's certainly not fictitious by any means. Whenwe examine the small intestine, there are three sections to the small intestine. Thefirst part, which connects up to the stomach, is called the duodenum. And in America, Ibelieve they call it the duodenum. The duodenum contains quite a lot of intense solar activitythere in terms of digestion. In fact, there's a very small section at the beginning of theduodenum which is about 75 to 90 mils that contains most of the person's immune functionactivity of the whole digestive system. We're

talking about probably three or four inchesof bowel, which is impacted with an incredible amount of immune cells.It's estimated that about 60 percent of a person's immune activity is located in thesmall intestine, and probably three quarters of that is in the first three to four inchesof that section of small intestine. If we examine the small intestine and open it up,it has a surface area of about a tennis court. It's remarkable. You may see some pictureson the internet of what we call villi and microvilli. Villi are basically, I'll drawa picture for you. They're small, funny shaped objects like this. That's a villi and a villilooks a little bit like that. Microvilli are

basically the little projections that runoff the villi. You can see those. If you have a look closer, we've actually got even smallervilli that run off those. The point I'm making here is the surface area is dramatically increasedbecause we've got a huge amount of digestive area that we're looking at.If you look at the microvilli, little fingerlike projections, there's basically one cell layerthat goes around the microvilli. These cellular junctions in a healthy person are very tightand wellcontrolled spaces. And the body does this to allow very well digested particlesof proteins, carbohydrates and fats to get through to the circulatory system. These foodcomponents have to be broken down to the tiniest

Best Diet For Gut Dysbiosis

Greetings. It's Eric Bakker, naturopath fromNew Zealand and author of Candida Crusher, also formulator of the Canxida range of dietarysupplements. Thanks for checking out my tutorial. Let's look at some dietary recommendationsfor dysbiosis. What you can do to help your gut restore function. This could be literallyan hourlong tutorial, but we haven't got that much time. So we're going to talk about someof the most important foods to eat and also some � not so much the foods to avoid youprobably already know that from some of my other tutorials.There has been a lot of work completed in the last several years and research on theright kind of foods that you should really

eat when it comes to improving your gut. Alot of people believe that the best way to do that is to stop sugars, yeasts, processedfood, and to eat a lot of fermented and cultured foods. That's what I used to think. In fact,it's a load of crap because research I've done recently in the last few months of peoplewho eat lots of kefir, yogurt, kumis, kimchee and Kombucha and all that sort of stuff, it'sonly very temporary colonization of the gut. Putting these foods into your diet even ona regular basis is no guarantee that you're going to get high levels of beneficial bacteriaand also to colonize those high levels for long periods of time. There was plenty ofresearch in 2013 and 2014 that has shown that

to be a fact. So I'm not really pushing thesehigh levels of cultured and fermented foods anymore in people's diets.I'm much more interested in how you consume these foods, how you chew them, how you eatthem. Do you have one of these iPhones in your hand and are you liking people on Facebookwhen you're eating foodé That's more important to me than drinking a pint of kefir everyday. Are you sitting there in bed with your iPad watching stupid home tutorials or somethingat 10 o'clock at night when you should be restingé The use of electronic devices, notchewing food properly, eating too quick, to me are very, very important factors when itcomes to eating and dysbiosis.

I want you to understand that you need toseparate yourself from technology a lot more. Spend less time checking emails. Spend moretime sitting there relaxing, taking your time to eat food, making the right kind of choiceswhen it comes to the greens, the leafy greens. Let's talk also more importantly, about theright kinds of oligosaccharides or beneficial sugars I want you to have in your diet whenit comes to dysbiosis and SIBO. When we use the word quot;sugar,quot; people are horrified.quot;I don't want any sugar. Yeast infection; can't eat that.quot; When in fact, there are alot of sugars that are very beneficial for your gut health. Look at breast milk. Breastmilk is full of oligosaccharides. Would you

dare tell a mother not to feed her baby breastmilk because its high in sugar and it could cause a yeast infectioné No. It's a very,very beneficial food. There are lots of popular studies now that actually show that babieswho are breast fed very sweet milk have got much better immune health than kids that areput onto formula feeding. Oligosaccharides are a particular type ofsugar that is found in different kinds of fruits and vegetables. If we took a look atthe FOS and GOS foods, they're made up of oligosaccharides, Fructooligosaccharides,galactooligosaccharides, and inulin. Inulin is found a lot in foods like Jerusalem artichokesand gum Arabic. Jerusalem artichoke contains

up to 65 percent inulin in its dry weight.It's a very, very beneficial little tuber that grows into like a tall small sunflower,exceptionally good for gastrointestinal health. These are the foods I'm going to encourageyou to eat now are the FOS and GOS foods. These foods are colored, often quite dark,dark sort of purple, black sort of red colored foods. If we look at things like red onions,red cabbage, dark grapes like the black grapes, dark red, the blood red plums, for example,these are quite high in these kind of fibers. Also legumes, adzuki beans, lentils in makingthese Indian dahl dishes up, quite good to do. These foods are beneficial for gut health.Potatoes are okay if you have the dark purple

The Best Treatment For Gut Dysbiosis

Greetings, it's Eric Bakker, naturopath fromNew Zealand and author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the Canxida dietary supplements.Thank you so much for checking out my tutorial today. Today, we're going to continue on withdysbiosis, but we're going to talk about the most effective, natural treatment for dysbiosis.What can you do to nail this thingé How can you get your digestive system in really niceconditioné How can you overcome these awful signs and symptoms of inconsistent bowel motions,bloating, gas, bad breath, Candida, SIBO, parasitesé All these things contribute; theyall form one big terrible awful situation that so many of my clients continue to consultwith me from all over the world.

So let's give you some really good informationin this tutorial today on how you can finally get rid of dysbiosis. This is based on 27years of al practice. I've treated now in excess of 30,000 patients in my with all kinds of different diseases relating to immune dysfunction, thyroid and adrenaldysfunction, gut dysfunction, parasites, autoimmune diseases, the list goes on and on and on.I can tell you now most people I see need to get a digestive overall. They need theirgut fixed up. There's no doubt about it. A lot of it's got to do with the kind of lifestylesand diets that my patients have. We live in the 21st Century. We live in avery stressful time when people haven't got

time to do a lot anymore. We were told thattechnology was going to solve all our problems and free up our time, but in fact, it hasn'tdone that. It's made us more hurried, worried, and stressed than ever before, so a lot ofthis contributes to our gut dysfunction. What are some basic things we can do to reallyget this condition sortedé If you saw my tutorial before about the causesof gut dysbiosis, we spoke about pharmaceutical drugs, we spoke about stress, and we spokeabout diet. Those are three core things; so obviously, intelligent people when it comesto treatment need to tackle causes. So go back and look at that tutorial on the causesof dysbiosis. If you're a slave to a pharmaceutical

medicine long term, you're crazy because you'llnever get rid of dysbiosis. Any more than if you're a person who's got massive debton a property and doesn't want to pay it back or you'll be a slave to that forever. You'vegot to understand that drugs are going to ruin your health and cause an early mortalityif you stay a slave to them. So try to work out why you're taking this drug and fix upthe cause so you don't need to take it. That's rule number one.If you're taking a pharmaceutical, maybe a headache pill here or there, I'm not so worried.But if you're taking a drug every day to block acid production or a drug every day for acnetreatment, an antibiotic, or some kind of

arthritis pill long term, you're watchingthis, and you want to get your gut right, you've got to get off these drugs. If youcan't do that, then this is where the tutorial stops and then you go and watch somethingelse because we're not really going to get anywhere with you. But if you're committedand I take it you are or you wouldn't be watching this now and you want to come right, go andsee a health care professional about how you can get off that stuff.For example, if we look at the drug Nexium for blocking stomach acid production. In NorthAmerica in 2014, there were 6.2 billion US$ in sales. That's a hell of a lot of peoplewith gut reflux and you can't tell me that

all of those people have developed it forno darn reason. A lot of those people have been drinking beer and eating pizzas, eatingcrappy food, living high stress lifestyles, and not sleeping enough, this is part of theequation. I think you get the picture. So pharmaceutical drugs, if you're on those,you need to get off them if you want to get a result.The other big thing is stress, of course, the lifestyle. If you want to get a good result,you need to really understand that you need to make some changes with how you're living.You maybe need to organize your time a bit better, the workplay balance. Try to understandthat if you're leading a very stressful and

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