Leaky Gut And White Rice

How to Fix Leaky Gut Syndrome

hey guy's in this tutorial you know where andhow white treat leaky gut and how we can benefit from this approach and what's up everybody gets me in newyork nor my last week's tutorial of talking about me he got if you missed it put the link right there right now i'm going to playing to u howyou can actually takes certain steps to help you plug a book holding your body and make you feel muchbetter

if a remember from last tutorial we had yourselves right so we're in trial yourselves right here every member yourselves part ofbodyguards right in our situation right now our body guards aren't working correct so that means

when you have a leaky gut there's holesright here fina holes in your body and it's going to write your bloodstreamslaps ur blood and everything that you're feeling rightnow orgo poisonous food so your heating are speaking and the going rate your blood fromdropping the or more quacks out but we already know this pack certain foods certain lifestyle thatsort of things you know like you cause

week you've got the question remains is how you can fixit and my first effort fixing anything inthe body is not i think it's eliminating and if you remember lycos matching mylast tutorial is foods do cause leaky gut one of these foods is weak lieutenant collided and so you've gotgluten provided in

is a very dangerous protein amid right at the start right here this protein full actually caused ignore sells in your and pastimes two separate causing making dot so obviously we want to remove gluten which is we which the grain

second thing you want to remove is gary because gary has been called pcm said it casing the does exactly the same thingthat's a mechanism so that you have here will drop jogged area as uh. tunnel i grew up with more right here so he's evil and then gary were comin in their earswith exactly the same thing causing these holes in your dot and youdon't want that

Is Rice Healthy

Hey guys, Axe here, of naturalmedicine. Today I'm going to be answering the question, quot;Is rice healthyéquot; and specifically,quot;What's the difference of white rice versus brown rice, and are either of them healthyéquot;My answer is it really depends on you. In this tutorial, I'm going to share with you thepros and cons of rice as well as go over what I believe to be, by far, the healthiest riceavailable today, that I believe a lot of people could start consuming and seeing great benefitsfrom. There is actually a debate today about whetheryou should be consuming rice or not. Now people in the Paleo diet community preach that everybodyshould be completely grain free and not consume

grains whatsoever. So those people tend tosay rice isn't healthy. Whereas people in the Chinese medicine camp, people that believein traditional Chinese medicine or vegans would think that rice can actually be an incrediblesuper food. I really believe that there is some validity to both, but it really dependson the person, and more important than that, it depends on the preparation, on how therice is prepared, to depending on if it's healthy for you or not. Now let me start off by talking about thetype of rice you should stay away from, and that's refined white rice. Now I'm not talkingabout jasmine rice or basmati rice, which

tend to be white rices. Those have not beenprocessed. But some of that sticky white rice where the fiber has been taken out of, that'sthe sort of rice that most people want to stay away from. Reason is there's a recentmedical study that found those that consume that type of white rice are twice as likelyto develop diabetes compared to those that consumed a whole grain brown rice. Most ofthat white rice today that you'd consume at a Chinese restaurant or fast food place, they'vehad the fiber taken out, they've had the vitamins and minerals taken out. So that type of rice,you want to stay away from. So that's sort of the con there of rice.

The other con against rice or just rice ingeneral is that it contains a compound called phytic acid or phytates. Those are mineralblockers or enzyme inhibitors. That's what causes sort of the density and the hardnessof the rice, and it keeps you from absorbing and digesting all the vitamins and minerals.So that's another negative. Then rice has certain types of protein thatcan be difficult to digest as well. So all of those are big cons that go along with rice. Now let's talk about the positives. The positives,if you get a whole grain brown rice, brown rice or wild rice is high in vitamin B3, knownas niacin. That's really, really important

for your heart health and cardiovascular system.So it's high in B3. It can also be very high in selenium. We know selenium actually supportsthe thyroid as well as the kidneys, and so, again, selenium is a crucial vitamin or mineralwe know that rice has. Also, certain types of rice contain GABA.That's GABA. That's a neurotransmitter that supports the brain. It helps reduce anxiety.It helps improve sleep. It can even support metabolism. So we know, in certain cases,rice can be an incredible super food. Now it really comes down to this, to answerthe question, quot;Is rice healthy, or is brown rice healthy,quot; it has to do with how the riceis prepared. I believe if rice is soaked and

sprouted, that kills off the phytic acid.It then unlocks all the vitamins and minerals. It's now a healthy rice versus most ricesthat aren't germinated or sprouted, aren't as healthy. That's why this is the rice that I personallyconsume at home. I'm not tied to it in any way. It's just what I actually consume. Thisis an organic rice by a company called truRoots, and it's actually a germinated brown rice.That means it's been soaked and sprouted, which kills off phytic acid. You may noticethis. For some people, brown rice or rices tend to be very hard to digest, and that'sbecause the rice hasn't been sprouted. So

Top 7 Foods for Healing Leaky Gut

Hey guys, Axe here, of naturalmedicine. In this tutorial I'm going to share with you the top seven foods for healing leakygut along with the healing leaky gut diet. Leaky gut syndrome is where you get somethingcalled intestinal permeability. That's where certain proteins like gluten start to leakthrough your intestinal wall, get in your blood stream, and then cause systemic bodywide inflammation. It can cause inflammation of your thyroid causing Hashimoto's disease.It can cause inflammation of your large intestine and cause inflammatory bowel disease. It canalso cause inflammation causing food sensitivities and different reactions in your body. By consumingthese seven foods it can help you heal leaky

gut syndrome for good. Let's start off here with the number one food,and that's bone broth. Bone broth has traditionally been made by boiling or cooking the ligamentsof chickens as well as the bones and also bones from beef. What happens is certain aminoacids and minerals come out into the liquid. The most powerful amino acids are prolineand glycine. We know proline is a precursor to collagen. We know when your body stopsproducing collagen over time it's what causes you to get wrinkles and your skin to get loose.It's a similar thing with your digestive tract. We want that tight. We want those tight junctionstight in your gut. We don't want things like

gluten getting through. Proline and glycine,the amino acids in bone broth, help tighten it up and can help repair the damaged gutlining. Drinking bone broth every day is incrediblyhealthy for healing leaky gut syndrome. Also, bone broth contains Lglutamine, another aminoacid that really works as a BandAid for your small intestine and colon and really helpingprotect those areas. Again, bone broth, number one healing food for leaky gut. I recommendeight ounces two times a day. The best thing to do is get a big CrockPot and make realbone broth soup and drink that several times a day.

The second healing food for leaky gut syndromeis kefir or homemade yogurt. We know fermented dairy is the most probiotic rich super foodin the world today. If you can be getting goat's milk kefir or homemade yogurt. Homemadeyogurt should be fermented 24 to 29 hours. We know it contains specific types of probioticssuch as lactobacillus which have been shown to crowd out bad bacteria such as differenttypes of yeast and fungus and really help increase the probiotics in the gut. Listen, most people today have a severe probioticdeficiency. If you're going to heal leaky gut, you have got to restore any probioticdeficiencies. Again, kefir, goat's milk kefir

and yogurt are the best. You can find thoseat your local health food store. The third healing food for leaky gut syndromeare fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kvass, and coconut kefir as well.Different types of fermented vegetables, especially sauerkraut, are greatly beneficial becauseit contains bacillus subtilis. Bacillus subtilis is a soil based probiotic. It also containslactobacillus plantarum probably in the largest levels. These probiotics in a similar fashioncrowd out bad bacteria. Also, they're at a certain Ph. You know thatreally sour, tart taste when you're tasting sauerkrauté Those are organic acids. Thoseacids really help feed and fuel probiotics

in the gut. It's not just about getting moreprobiotics. It's about creating an environment where probiotics can flourish. Again, gettingsauerkraut and kimchi and fermented vegetables in your diet is a great way to establish thatgood bacteria in the gut. The number four super food for healing leakygut is coconut products, especially coconut oil. Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties.It contains the fatty acids lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid. These are known asmedium chain fats or medium chain triglycerides. They kill off bad bacteria in the gut. Theyare very easy to digest. For that reason, all other oils in your diet should reallybe replaced with coconut oil when it comes

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