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Leaky Gut Syndrome In Plain English — SCDLifestyle scdlifestyle 201003thescddietandleakygutsyndromeby Jordan Reasoner in 62 Google+ circles Bottom Line: The foods that you're eatingare not the root of the problem; it's the leaky gut letting the food molecules intoyour bloodstream. Of course, the caveat . 9 Steps to Perfect Health 5: Heal YourGut Chris Kresser chriskresser 9stepstoperfecthealth5healyourgutby Chris Kresser in 1,880 Google+ circles Conventional researchers and s originallyscoffed at the idea that a leaky gut contributes to autoimmune problems, but now they're eatingtheir words.

4 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Disease» DrAxe draxe 4stepstohealleakygutandautoimmunedis.by Josh Axe in 202 Google+ circles Leaky gut syndrome is a rapidly growing conditionthat more and more people are . Gluten and CaseinFree Diet's have proven effectivefor many children with . Leaky Gut Syndrome Diet Plan Plus AwesomeRecipe! | PRLog prlog 12098577leakygutsyndromedietplanplusawesome.Mar 14, 2013 Discover the proper leaky gut syndrome diet plan. Here are some tips hintsfor creating a good leaky gut diet plan. Simple recipe for leaky gut .What Should You Eat To Heal a Leaky Guté | Paleo

Parentspaleoparents › 2012 Apr 4, 2012 If you are concerned that youmay have, or could develop, a leaky gut, then changing your diet to one that protects thegut is a natural next step .

4 Ways To Use Turmeric as Medicine Recipe Saturday Strategy

Turmeric as medicine. Five scientificallyproven case studies that we've pulled up just for you today that are gonna show youhow powerful turmeric is against some of the common pharmaceutical medicine that's outthere today. And I'm also gonna be sharing one of my favorite recipes to increase theabsorption of turmeric in your body. At the tail end of this tutorial I'm gonna bring aboutsome people that have been taking Organifi. I wanna show you what results they've seenand some of the impressive testimonials that we have in the community all over the UnitedStates and the rest of the world. So about

a year ago, I was in the farmers market andI saw something that look just like ginger. It was this little root here. A little bitoranger in flavor obviously. You open it up and it almost look like a carrot righté AndI'm like, you know what, let me try it so I brought it home and I started juicing thisstuff. And what I noticed in my own life was remarkable. A lot of the pain and inflammatoryresponses that I notice from the past from working out and being a runner and doing allthe exercise that I did through all my life subsided rather quickly. And I realize thatTurmeric has some very advance healing properties when you have it in a consistent basis. Over600 experimental health benefits have been

related to turmeric and Curcumin specificallythe active ingredient inside of it. Curcumin is a little bit oranger in nature. As youcould tell this is Curcumin, this is turmeric. It's very bright, it's very vibrant. Andwhat I've seen is, the more potent it is the vibrant the contrast is as well and themore absorbable it is. Curcumin actually inserts itself inside cell membranes that aren'tworking effectively in your body and helps amplify them. So I'm reading about Curcuminand what I read is it actually goes inside your cell membrane and it changes the physicalproperty of your cell membrane and makes it better. Curcumin is therapeutic for lung disease,liver disease, autoimmune disorders and cardiovascular

disease. Turmeric blocks the inflammatorypathways that are in your body that could be caused from years of stress, surgery, Injury,different things like that. Curcumin has the most evidence based literature in regardsto using against cancer. Alright let's pull up our first study here. In a 2008 study publishedin a Journal Drugs in R D from the standardized preparation of curcuminoids from turmericcompared favorably to a leading cholesterol drug. A 2009 study published in the Journalof Biochemistry and Biophysical Research Community explored how Curcumin can be 500 to 100,000times more potent than some common diabetes medication today at utilizing or handlingcarbs in your body. There was also a 1986

in vitro and ex vivo study published in theJournal of Arzneimittelforschung, I don't how to say that. Can we put that belowé Tryto Say this with me, Arzneimittelforschung found that Curcumin has antiplatelet and prostacyclinmodulating effects compared to aspirin and I, basically what this means is that it'sa better blood thinner that some of those other medications that are out there suchas aspirin. And then our final study is maybe for the Prozac but it's a depression medication.A 2011 study published in the Journal of Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica found that Curcumincompared favorably to Prozac and some other depression medication in reducing depressivebehavior. Wow! I absolutely love researching

this for you. You know knowing that there'sother things out there that we have access to whether you're a school teacher or you'retruck driver whatever your profession is you probably don't have all the time in theworld to look at research articles and really find out what's best for you. So the FitLifeteam and I dedicate a numerous amount of hours, research time and is dedicated to really understandingwhat's best for our bodies. So I wanted to reveal those studies to you and I alsowanna show you how I take turmeric because there's a difference between vitamins rightéThere's water soluble vitamins and nutrients, minerals, different things like that. There'salso fat soluble. So one thing that I do with

Healing the Gut Relief from Leaky Gut Constipation Stomach Issues

Thank you for joining us for the Natural Lifestyle Show! I'm Billy. and I'm Angel. (together) AND. and. today we are talking about. it's a personal story of mine. (UhOh) Very, very personal. We're gonna get personal here, sorry. But it's a general thing that anybody can do. to do the same for themself. And, you know, people may go through this. And it may benefit you. It's healing my gut after anesthesia and IV antibiotics. If you've ever had surgery (uh oh) then you know that the things that they give you can really throw your body for a loop.

Man, you're talking about a loop. Naw, a roller coaster ain't got nothing to do with this one. Well, during, I guess during every surgery you get IV antibiotics, I'm assuming. It's not something that I really like. But it's protocol, and that's what they did. And I'm thinking this time they must have given me a different antibiotic than they've given before, because my body really reacted a lot differently. Billy said, quot;It sure didquot;. And also, I usually just get a spinal, but this time the spinal didn't work, and so they gave me something else as well in my IV. So, I got a double whammy of anesthesia, and possibly a kind of antibiotics that I've never had before, but regardless of what kind it is I think it pretty much wipes out all kinds of bacteria, good and bad, in your body, and throws yor body for a loop. So, if you're not knowing to rebuild your body after that. somebody could just potentially stay in a bad state I would think. But it's been a few weeks now, like three weeks and I'm doing pretty good. I'm pretty sure my body's not where it was before good bacteria wise, but hopefully it's close to getting there.

The thing of it is you just gotta build it back up. It takes time. it takes time to heal. It probably doesn't sound good, but the conventional western medicine is good for stuff you have to have a whammy fix for. Like I have to have a surgery to have something done in my pregnancies and it's something I have to do. And sometimes you have to have surgeries and there's no way around it, but then what it does to you holistically you really have to heal from. You have to know that, because you have to heal. You don't want to stay in a chronic state. Ya, it's an ongoing fight that you're gonna have to do. Ya, I mean as long as you have procedures done.I'm very natural, as you know, from our show. And I don't just seek out medications and I don't seek out medical treatments.

Ya, it's not like you get a headache and got to go to the .There are people like that. We're not saying there's anything wrong with that if that's what you choose to do but we choose differently. Ya, I always always always take the natural route 99 percent of the time unless I absolutely don't have an option. Ya, that's usually the way it goes. Ya, with us. With Billy and I. But, this is what I did to help restart my body. Number 1, enema. Talk about a mess.

Let's just say this. that the anesthesia slows things down, and then with the antibiotics, you don't have any of the good bacteria that help digest food in your stomach. So, basically I just had to start fresh. And if you know anything about toxemia and the body. a lot of people say that health begins on the cellular level. But also, in your colon, your elimination organs. you cannot be healthy on a cellular level if you have any kind of constipation in your body. Because on a cellular level, your cells have to get rid of waste and take it to the elimination organs, which take it to the colon. If there's a back up, there's going to be a huge problem, not just with your colon but with your body on a cellular level, everything as a whole. It's going to create a state of unwellness. It messes up your pipes. Pipes. and your whole body. It effects you as a whole. Ya, it's not a healthy state to be in. You have to have everything running normally, freely, and healthily. So, sometimes you have to start it all over and and an enema is a good way to do that.

And, you know, sometimes not just one, but ongoing. You could do it everyday for a week. You could do it a few times a week. You could choose how you want to do it. But, enemas are a great idea. There are people out there that does it on a regular basis. Oh, yes, for sure. And, um, I had been interested in herbs longer than I had been interested in nutrition and raw foods and things like that, and herbalists are really big on enemas. Anybody who is in the natural health movement is big on enemas. Everybody who is into natural health realizes it is a huge, huge thing. And number 2. Number 2. raw foods, because (Billy said quot;Always goodquot;.) On a lot of levels, um, enzymes. They have enzymes that help you digest, so if your body is having a hard time digesting then the enzymes are there to help you digest. Also, high water content, high fiber, which means everything is going to run smoothly. Flush right along. Ya, and they're healthy. Raw foods are healthy. And so, I could say a million trillion other things about them, but those are the big reasons why I'm doing it.

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