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Leaky Gut Syndrome Causes Symptoms Risk Factors How To Reverse Leaky Gut

Thanks for checking out this comprehensivetutorial today. In this tutorial, I'm going to talk about leaky gut syndrome. It's a functionalcomplaint that's often been maligned by medical practitioners. Before I delve into it, I justwant to read out an email I got from a firstyear medical student from America regarding leakygut. I wrote an article on EricBakker regardingleaky gut, and this is what this particular student wrote. She says, quot;Mr. Bakker, leakygut syndrome is pure naturopathic nonsense. It's just like adrenal fatigue, just anotherfictitious manmade disease. Many people confuse adrenal fatigue with Addison's disease, whichis an actual, real and diagnosable medical

condition when you don't make enough cortisolin your glands. This can only be diagnosed by your real , and various tests areneeded to diagnose this disease. Candida is bullshit, too. It is possible to have a fullbody fungal infection, but you'd be in the intensive care unit nearly dead.' Signed,Miss so and so. This is a very interesting email from a person,obviously a firstyear medical student, so I'll forgive her for her ignorance. When Iwas a medical student, I was quite ignorant, too, and had a lot of strong opinions aboutthings which I know now 27 years later I've got completely different ideas about. It'sinteresting and I think back at my dad who

was a very pragmatic man, and Dad said thatopinions are like bowel motions. We all have them from time to time. Sometimes some peoplehave more or less. Sometimes people are full of these things and just pass out bowel motionsall the time. Almost like verbal diarrhea. And that's what we've got in this case. Aperson with verbal diarrhea. So I'll forgive this person, of course, because she's a medicalstudent. And if she happens to see this YouTube clip, I welcome her to contact me when she'squalified and maybe 10 years down the track when she's settled into a practice a bit moreand overcome a little bit of that verbal diarrhea. Let's now have a look at leaky gut syndrome,what the condition really entails. Leaky gut

syndrome is not a fictitious disease. In fact,there are many different research papers in mainstream medical journals that have beenwritten about intestinal permeability. It's certainly not fictitious by any means. Whenwe examine the small intestine, there are three sections to the small intestine. Thefirst part, which connects up to the stomach, is called the duodenum. And in America, Ibelieve they call it the duodenum. The duodenum contains quite a lot of intense solar activitythere in terms of digestion. In fact, there's a very small section at the beginning of theduodenum which is about 75 to 90 mils that contains most of the person's immune functionactivity of the whole digestive system. We're

talking about probably three or four inchesof bowel, which is impacted with an incredible amount of immune cells.It's estimated that about 60 percent of a person's immune activity is located in thesmall intestine, and probably three quarters of that is in the first three to four inchesof that section of small intestine. If we examine the small intestine and open it up,it has a surface area of about a tennis court. It's remarkable. You may see some pictureson the internet of what we call villi and microvilli. Villi are basically, I'll drawa picture for you. They're small, funny shaped objects like this. That's a villi and a villilooks a little bit like that. Microvilli are

basically the little projections that runoff the villi. You can see those. If you have a look closer, we've actually got even smallervilli that run off those. The point I'm making here is the surface area is dramatically increasedbecause we've got a huge amount of digestive area that we're looking at.If you look at the microvilli, little fingerlike projections, there's basically one cell layerthat goes around the microvilli. These cellular junctions in a healthy person are very tightand wellcontrolled spaces. And the body does this to allow very well digested particlesof proteins, carbohydrates and fats to get through to the circulatory system. These foodcomponents have to be broken down to the tiniest

Case 23 Jeremy Asthma Eczema And Candida

Thanks for tuning in. Doing another case today.Case number 23. This is going to be a guy called Jeremy. A 26yearold guy called Jeremy.Jeremy is not his real name. I tend to disguise patient's names and ages. They're very realcases. I see plenty of patients. Here are some of my case notes from patients from lastweek. So I do protect my patients' privacy, and I'm very much into privacy and confidentiality.We'll just call this guy Jeremy, a 26yearold guy. Jeremy, in fact, has presented with quitea lot of different problems. Jeremy's coming with asthma, eczema and badCandida, a bad yeast infection. Jeremy has had a lot of problems growing up with eczemaand asthma as a child and was put on lots

of different antibiotics for throat and earinfections, and as a young child, went onto all kinds of different medications for asthma.Steroid inhalers, preventatives. Also, Salbutamol or Ventolin.I've had many patients placed on these drugs. I've seen them many years. Eventually, theirairways become dependent on these drugs to allow them to breathe properly. They developa lot of anxiety around asthma, particularly the bad asthmatics. And of course, they havemultiple food allergies. They end up with infections, so they take lots of antibiotics.They get sick. And of course, then they get yeast infections. It's just one big mess.It's a big filthy drug spiral.

This poor guy, he's actually a health careprofessional. He's also drinking quite a substantial amount of alcohol. I've got a food allergytest here for Jeremy. I've just covered up the top, so you can't really see any detailsof the patient. You can actually see there all the lines going right out there in thequot;yellowquot; zone. This a US Biotech food allergy report, and all those lines signify quitea lot of food allergies. Dairy allergies. We've got egg allergies. We've got citrusallergies. If we look on the other side, it's just as bad here. Look at all the grain andlegume allergies this guy's got. It's incredible. You can see massive amounts of allergies there.If we go to the other side here, you've got

a huge big garlic allergy there.When patients become dependent on medications, and particularly, if they drink booze on topof antibiotics and pharmaceutical drugs, they get a lot of leaky gut. They get a lot ofpermeability of the small intestine, which makes them very reactive to foods. The firstaim of Jeremy is to make him understand that the alcohol is only wrecking him. If he can'treally give up the booze for a while so we can repair the leaky gut, we're wasting ourtime. Your clear indication here of this guy withmassive grain allergies. Have a look at this. You can see here all the allergies towardall the different grains. You'd be quick to

assume that he's got gluten problems. Thathe needs to go on these paleo kind of diets away from all grains like a lot of peoplebelieve. But this guy's drinking spirits all the time. He's drinking beer all the time.He's taking antibiotics. He really needs to get off these kinds of medications and thiskind of lifestyle if he wants to repair the gut. That's going to help his immune system.You'd have to be crazy to continue this kind of lifestyle.That's my main focus with Jeremy is to do that. And of course, to work on the yeastinfection, so he's been looking at my book. We've put him on the Canxida Remove, the antifungalproduct I developed. We're already getting

some early indications of the turnaround ofthis case. I'll repeat the food allergy report, probably, in six months and have a look atthe gut function to see what kind of allergens are still present. But I suspect they'll bea lot less than there are today. What you can take from this case is that ifyou have been diagnosed with asthma, eczema, you're taking antihistamines, all those drugs,you're drinking booze, you're taking antibiotics, you need to make changes if you want to improveyour immune function. Particularly, you need to improve your gut function. That's the corething I want you to get out of this. With improved gut function comes improved immunefunction. You don't have to avoid gluten,

Peppermint Oil Benefits and Uses

Hey, guys, Axe here, of FunctionalMedicine and Founder of draxe . Today, I'm going to talk to you about one of my favoriteessential oils, and that's peppermint essential oil. Peppermint oil benefits are incredible.The uses of peppermint essential oil have been proven for thousands of years. I want to start with this, and this is goingto surprise you I bet. When I started looking into essential oils and their health benefits,I knew they were used throughout history for over 5,000 years. I knew they were beneficial,but I didn't know how many medical studies there would be on them.

When I went into PubMed and started lookingat the medical literature, I was shocked to find out on peppermint oil alone there areover 1,200 medical studies. So over a 1,000 medical studies on this essential oil in provingthat it helps heal your digestive tract, that it improves your breath, that it fights cancer. Some incredible benefits there of this essentialoil. What makes peppermint oil so powerful is it contains a compound called menthoor menthol. This compound has been shown to act as an analgesic on the body, reduce inflammation,and act as an antioxidant. I want to share with you some of the bestways to use peppermint oil. By the way, peppermint

oil is one of the top two used essential oilsin the United States today along with lavender essential oil. But peppermint oil, one of the most commonways I use it is as a natural breath freshener in my natural toothpaste recipe. What I dofor my natural toothpaste is I mix coconut oil with baking soda in equal parts, let'ssay a tablespoon of each, along with about 20 drops of peppermint oil. Mix that together.That's what I use for my natural toothpaste at home using peppermint essential oil. The other way I'll use peppermint essentialoil is just as kind of a natural mouthwash

or breath freshener is I put one drop in waterand drink it down. It freshens the breath. Another way peppermint oil has been shownto benefit your health is by naturally boosting your energy levels. In fact, there was a recentmedical study that found by just smelling peppermint oil it naturally increases yourenergy levels. My wife carries this around in her purse with her. Before we go into aworkout, sometimes we'll smell it. I know a professor, and this is incredibleas well, who works with his students and he actually diffuses cedar wood oil and peppermintoil during his class, because cedar wood oil has been shown to help ADHD symptoms and improvefocus. Peppermint oil improves his energy

and concentration. So he actually diffuses this oil in his classroomto help his children focus while they're test taking. So, this is great for that reasonas well. Peppermint oil has also been shown in medicalstudies to help soothe irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut like issues. If you strugglewith digestive issues, peppermint oil can really help soothe and cool your digestivetract. Just one to two drops in water taken daily is greatly beneficial. Or, you can actuallyjust put it right on your skin as well. Another great thing to use peppermint oilfor is to open your airways for bronchitis,

allergies, or asthma. You can mix peppermintoil with eucalyptus oil and use it as a natural vapor rub. So again, a tablespoon of coconutoil, five drops peppermint, five drops eucalyptus, rubbing that on the chest is a natural vaporrub, helps open up the lungs and airways. It's also great during allergy season whetheryou just put a drop under your tongue, or do it in water, or rub it again on your neck.It really helps open the sinus airways and lung airways helping you breathe better. Also, it can help eliminate headaches. Ifyou've got headaches, mixing three drops of lavender oil, three drops of peppermint oilon your hand, and rubbing them on your neck

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