How To Fix A Leaky Gutter Seam

5 Scary Signs You Have Leaky Gut

Alright, my friend! Drew Canole. Thank you fortuning in to this week Saturday Strategy. Last week, we talked about the 23 thingsthat you and I can do to cleanse our body. You've seen amazing results with it. We got flooded with comments. Over 60,000 shares in two days. And that tells methat you love this type of information and it's actually impacting the peoplethat you care about. And that's why we do what we do at At the end ofthis tutorial, I'm gonna be picking a winner of the juicer. But this week, we'retalking about the 11 things that I eat on a regular basis to transform my gut health. I'm also gonna tell you what leaky gut

is and the foods that you should avoid atall costs when restoring not only your immune system but your gut. You see yourgut is responsible for 80% of your entire immune system. And I want you todo this exercise with me real quick. Come back over here. We're out here inbeautiful Coronado, so sunny California. I have to love this place. And I want youto do a visualization exercise with me. I love to go outside in nature just visualize. Ithink it's really important. So what I want you to do is imagine the perfectday when you were absolutely the happiest that you've ever been.

Who are you withé What were you doingéImagine it for a second. How did you feel in that state when you were the happiesté Nowwhat I want you to do is imagine that you only had five percent of the abilityto be happy on that day. You see, 95% of the neurotransmitters, in particular,serotonin, comes from your gut. And it comes to your brain, righté That's thathappy molecule that we all want. We want to feel those happiness, the mood that'sresponsible for putting you in that state. And when you don't have it, whenyou have these glasses on that limit you to 5% of the happiness that you canexperience,

it changes your whole reality. You see a lot ofpeople are living like this. Fiftyfive percent of the U.S. is experiencing leakygut right now or gut dysbiosis. And what that is is the failure to actuallyproper absorb your food, properly absorb your food. See, it's no longer you are what youeat, it's you are what you absorb. And I've talked to you about this before. So how dowe restore the guté What things can we cut out so that we know that our littlewhite blood cells, those little soldiers that you and I have in our bodies, thatare the first line of defense, can be strong, vibrant, and healthy. Let's talkabout it!

Alright, come on in! Have a seat with me. I gottasit on for this just because I've heard this recently while doing my research forthis week's Saturday Strategy, and I was disturbed. Then, I know you're gonna bethere with this. Know that at the end of this tutorial, you're gonna have more thanenough knowledge to go out and help impact people and help them heal theirguts. But this is, this is gonna change everything. So ninetyfive percent of thenation's corn is genetically modified, righté And one of the biggest sprays thatthey put on this genetically modified food contains a chemical that is an antibiotic. Antibiotics not only destroy the

bad bacteria in your gut but the goodbacteria. So here we have a population that's eating genetically modified food. It's destroying the good gut bacteria in the body. Nnow we talked about white bloodcells, righté So your white blood cells are always in your gut, they're restoringyour gut, your leaky gut. And your body's defense system has plummeted. Eightypercent of your immune system comes from your gut, so you don't even know, most thetime, that you're eating these genetically modified foods. They'reharming your body in such a way toward disease acne, skin issues, premature aging all of these is the stress being put on on

Home Repairs Improvements How to Repair a Leaky Gutter

Hi I'm James with JNC home repair. Today I'mgoing to show you how to repair a leaky gutter. This is a typical section of a gutter on ahouse. This is just a very small section but this will give you an idea what you need todo. If you'll notice here, if you look at your gutters on the outside of your house,if you look every eight or ten feet, you are going to find, you are going to see one ofthese seams. And what this is, is all this is is just a collar. When your gutters areinstalled, they are installed in ten foot sections, eight foot sections, or smallerdepending on what the measurements are. And what it is, is there are pieces of gutterthat actually butt up together and this little

collar fits right in between them. It slidesin there and it actually, it's called, it's basically called a gutter collar and whatit does is it allows you to over lap both seams and if you look inside of it you'llsee how where the gutter over laps the collar. Ok. And what you are going to need to do isthis right here is called seamer mate. And what this does, is it's a real high adhesivesealant silicone type thing, it's resistant to weather and everything else, water. Andwhat you are going to need to do is you are going to need to seal this whole seam allthe way down, all the way inside of it. Ok you don't want to get it on the outside ofyour gutters. If you seal it good enough on

the inside you won't have a bunch of buildupand a bunch of mess all over the outside of it. You want to go ahead and just save allthat for the inside you want to go ahead and just seal up this inside seam real, real welland let it sit. You also want to do this after the gutter have been installed but if it'sjust a leaky one, a lot of, most of the time, what it is is it's just not sealed good onthe inside. And water is leaking out through that gap and it's, it's dripping out somewhereeither on this side of it or this side of it. And this is quick fix, all you got todo is just get up inside your gutter, actually use the sealant put it around here, seal thatup real good and that will eliminate your


How To Repair Gutters DIY At Bunnings

I'm going to show you how to repair a holein the gutter. Now you do this to avoid having to replace the whole section of gutter lateron. And the tools you're going to need for this is a ladder to get up to the top of yourgutter, the ladder helper which will keep the ladder in place when you're up there.You need your gutter cleaner and a brush to get rid of any debris left in the gutter.You need a wire bush to get rid of any rust if there is any. The ladder limb is very handyyou put it into the outside of the ladder and it holds your bucket so you don't haveto go up and down to get tools. You'll need your allweather tape and your scissors tocut the tape.

So I'm going to put my tools into the bucketand move the ladder out of the way so we can place the ladder limb on the gutter. Now I'mgoing to put the ladder helper up onto the gutter and once that's in place it will besafer to keep your ladder in place. Now the ladder's in place it's important to checkthat both feet of the ladder are on the ground to make sure it's safe and even. Now the ladderlimb is in place and all the tools are nice and accessible to do the job, and I put mygloves on and start to clean out the gutter. It's important to have your gloves on whencleaning out the gutters just in case there's any sharp edges. So the first step is to usethe gutter cleaner to get rid of all the big

debris. It's really important to get the bestadhesion from your tape to make sure that everything is free of dirt and nice and dry.After you use the gutter cleaner, just use the banister brush and just make sure yousweep any of the smaller bits of dirt out of the way so you get a nice clean surface. So now that all of the dirt is out of thegutter, I can see that there's a little bit of surface rust on the bottom so what I'mgoing to use is a wire brush and remove the surface rust to give the tape something niceto adhere to. We're really lucky that we've got a sunny day today and that the bottomof the gutter is really dry. If it's a little

dump, wait until the sun comes out to dryit or alternatively use a heat gun to dry it so you get the best adhesionfrom the tape. Using your allpurpose weather seal tape to fill this hole, we're just goingto need one strip for it as the hole is not too big. If you were doing a bigger hole,you may need to overlap it. And when you do that, you need to make sure that there isa 25 mil overlap. I'm going to measure this up here and thenI'm going to cut it on the ground. So now we're going to cut the tape. We need aroundabout 150 mil to cover this hole. So all you do is pull out a length of tape and then justthrough with a pair of normal scissors to

the length that you want. This tape is greatfor fixing small holes and small leaks, but if you have a lot of holes or more than justsurface rust it's probably better to cut out a whole piece of gutter and just replace itwith a new piece. Okay. So I'm going to peel the backing off and put the tape down. Andthat's how you repair a hole in a gutter.

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