Garbanzo Beans Leaky Gut

How to Fix Leaky Gut Syndrome

hey guy's in this tutorial you know where andhow white treat leaky gut and how we can benefit from this approach and what's up everybody gets me in newyork nor my last week's tutorial of talking about me he got if you missed it put the link right there right now i'm going to playing to u howyou can actually takes certain steps to help you plug a book holding your body and make you feel muchbetter

if a remember from last tutorial we had yourselves right so we're in trial yourselves right here every member yourselves part ofbodyguards right in our situation right now our body guards aren't working correct so that means

when you have a leaky gut there's holesright here fina holes in your body and it's going to write your bloodstreamslaps ur blood and everything that you're feeling rightnow orgo poisonous food so your heating are speaking and the going rate your blood fromdropping the or more quacks out but we already know this pack certain foods certain lifestyle thatsort of things you know like you cause

week you've got the question remains is how you can fixit and my first effort fixing anything inthe body is not i think it's eliminating and if you remember lycos matching mylast tutorial is foods do cause leaky gut one of these foods is weak lieutenant collided and so you've gotgluten provided in

is a very dangerous protein amid right at the start right here this protein full actually caused ignore sells in your and pastimes two separate causing making dot so obviously we want to remove gluten which is we which the grain

second thing you want to remove is gary because gary has been called pcm said it casing the does exactly the same thingthat's a mechanism so that you have here will drop jogged area as uh. tunnel i grew up with more right here so he's evil and then gary were comin in their earswith exactly the same thing causing these holes in your dot and youdon't want that

GlutenFree Flour Alternatives

Hey, guys. Axe here, of FunctionalMedicine, Nutritionist. I'm excited to share with you today how to go glutenfree withcooking flours and baking flours. You know, most people today are using thingslike white flour and wheat flour, which are terrible for you. Most of them are bleached.They contain gluten. They're hard on your digestive system, and there are a number ofside effects from using white and wheat flour. There are allnatural, greattasting floursthat have been used for thousands of years, that you can replace white and wheat flourwith. What I'm going to do is I've actually broughtthe flours from my personal pantry with me

today. I'm going to show you the flours thatyou should be replacing those other flours with. So I've got two brands here. One is Bob's Red Mill, and the other one hereis The Sprouted Flour Company. I'm going to get into a few details on why you should dosprouted flours, which are things like Ezekiel bread or sourdough flours instead. I'll touchon those in just a minute. We're going to kick off here talking aboutcoconut flour. So rather than using other flours, coconut flour is a great replacementto white and wheat flour. Coconut flour is high in fiber and healthy fats.

So if you're looking to go lower carb, Paleo,lose weight, burn fat, one of the best things you can do is start using coconut flour. Thehealth benefits are fantastic. So coconut flour actually has a very, verynice texture and really, probably of all the flours I'll share with you, will probablysupport fat loss the most and a healthy metabolism. Just like we know coconut oil has tremendousbenefits, coconut flour is another great alternative you can use in baking. So, we'll make coconut flour cookies, coconutflour cakes. I made coconut flour waffles the other day, but coconut flour, a greatnatural replacement. If you want some recipe

ideas, you can go to our draxe page andlook up coconut flour recipes. Also, go to Pinterest boards, is another greatplace to look up recipes using coconut flour, one of my favorite flours. Another thing you could do is just buy a generalglutenfree flour or a glutenfree baking flour. This is from Bob's Red Mill. Basically,they're using garbanzo bean flour. So bean flour from chick peas, along with sorghumflour and potato starch. So this is a great glutenfree product thatyou can use, that again, doesn't contain gluten in it. It actually has a great texture.

So this is an allpurpose baking flour. Typicallythat's equal to . . . If you're looking for one cup of white flour or one cup of wheatflour to a natural flour, one cup to one cup equal in this Bob's Red Mill flour. By the way, you can find this exact flourin any Whole Foods. You can find it in almost any local grocery store as well. So if yougo to your local . . . wherever you live, in your area, Piggly Wiggly or Publix or Meyeror Kroger or WinnDixie or whatever you have in your area, they will typically have thisexact bag of Bob's Red Mill. Now, let's talk a little bit about . . . Let'stalk about some sprouted flour. This is a

glutenfree, sprouted, yellow corn flour.So if you want to make homemade cornbread, this is the flour to use. Sprouting is basically where you take a grainor a flour, and you soak it anywhere between, typically, 12 to 48 hours. That kills offsomething in the flour called phytic acid. Phytic acid is what binds to minerals. So when you consume . . . Let's say you goand buy whole wheat bread today, and you look on the package, and it says, quot;Contains riboflavin,quot;which is vitamin B2, quot;and contains a few other vitamins.quot;

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