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How to Fix Leaky Gut Syndrome

hey guy's in this tutorial you know where andhow white treat leaky gut and how we can benefit from this approach and what's up everybody gets me in newyork nor my last week's tutorial of talking about me he got if you missed it put the link right there right now i'm going to playing to u howyou can actually takes certain steps to help you plug a book holding your body and make you feel muchbetter

if a remember from last tutorial we had yourselves right so we're in trial yourselves right here every member yourselves part ofbodyguards right in our situation right now our body guards aren't working correct so that means

when you have a leaky gut there's holesright here fina holes in your body and it's going to write your bloodstreamslaps ur blood and everything that you're feeling rightnow orgo poisonous food so your heating are speaking and the going rate your blood fromdropping the or more quacks out but we already know this pack certain foods certain lifestyle thatsort of things you know like you cause

week you've got the question remains is how you can fixit and my first effort fixing anything inthe body is not i think it's eliminating and if you remember lycos matching mylast tutorial is foods do cause leaky gut one of these foods is weak lieutenant collided and so you've gotgluten provided in

is a very dangerous protein amid right at the start right here this protein full actually caused ignore sells in your and pastimes two separate causing making dot so obviously we want to remove gluten which is we which the grain

second thing you want to remove is gary because gary has been called pcm said it casing the does exactly the same thingthat's a mechanism so that you have here will drop jogged area as uh. tunnel i grew up with more right here so he's evil and then gary were comin in their earswith exactly the same thing causing these holes in your dot and youdon't want that

Podcast 113 Cate Shanahan on Bulletproofing the NBA Bulletproof Radio

Dave: Hi there it's Dave Asprey, the BulletproofExecutive with Bulletproof Executive Radio. Today's Cool Fact of the Day is that neuralimpulses travel between 2 miles per hour and 250 miles an hour. The faster nerves are theones that are covered in myelin, which is a fatty sheath that acts at the electricalinsulator, and yes, you can hack your myelin. Today's guest is kind of famous. Just recentlythere was a whole bunch written about how she used high fat ancestral food techniquesto change the nutrition of the Los Angeles Lakers. She's a board certified family physician,trained in biochemistry and genetics at Cornell, and attended Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.If you're not into medical fan boy kinds

of behaviors, those are some really good schools.Cate Shanahan is also author of quot;Deep Nutrition: Why your Genes Need Traditional Foodquot;, andanother book called quot;Food Rulesquot;. As the Director of Nutrition for the Lakers, she kind of knowswhat she's doing. Cate, welcome to the show. Cate: Thanks, Dave. I'm delighted tobe here. Thanks so much for having me. Dave: Awesome. It was amazing to see the articlecome out about what you're doing with the Lakers. I said, “Oh my goodness. I haveto talk with Cate.� I appreciate you coming in on the podcast just to share what you'redoing. Cate: Thank you. This has been a big projectfor us. My husband and I actually are both

involved with the Lakers. We have a wholeteam in Los Angeles that's constantly working to get these guys fed better. Dave: I've always been amazed how so manypro athletes fall into the pizza and beer camp. I know I don't perform anywhere nearthe level I'm capable of if I live on any sort of diet like that. There are so manyreally, kind of the star athletes who really do crazy stuff to take care of themselves.Why is there such a disparity among pro athletes between eating crap and beating yourself upwith whatever drugs you can find that won't come up on screensé The other side, whichis clean living and pure power. Why the gapé

Cate: It's a big question. There'sa lot of confusion in the whole nutrition world about what's healthy because of thatvery discrepancy that you just described. Some people seem to be able to get away withcomplete bodily substance abuse, and some people really have to toe the line perfectlyor they pay for it. We talk about that, actually, in our book quot;Deep Nutritionquot;, because it'sgot to do with what their genes are getting in relationship to what their genes expect.The whole concept of genetic expectation is a super important one, in terms of understandinghow to be healthy. To put it simply, when we get sick, it'sbecause our genes have these expectations

that were not met one too many times. Thatgoes back … When we understand it from a genetic perspective that helps us understandthat we have to go back, not just to what we ate today or yesterday, but what we'vebeen doing for the past years and decades, if we're that old, and what our parentswere doing. Because what they did, and what our grandparents did or didn't do, influencesour health. When we have these star athletes, they're 6'10â€�, perfect bodies, 6% bodyfat, and yet they eat the equivalent of 24 Hershey's candy bars a day, as Dwight Howarddid, it just doesn't seem to add up. You have to ask, “Well how can it matteré Howcan what you eat matter if that's the caseéâ€�

The fact is, that does have a cost, it'sjust that it's not necessarily immediate. Those people who have genes that have beenwell nourished for generation after generation, it's like they've got a fortress of healththat has been built. Whereas some folks like myself, where on my mom's side there isJewish ancestry and we've been chased around Europe and not had always access to good directland and nutrition for thousands of years. On my dad's side the Irish folks with variouspotato famines and other things that have damaged the genes. Just a little bit at atime, a little bit at a time. Not enough to kill anybody. Not enough to keep us from reproducing,but enough to make us more susceptible to

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