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Foods To Avoid On Leaky Gut Diet

Greetings. It's Eric Bakker, naturopath fromNew Zealand, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of a range of products called Canxida.Thanks for checking out this tutorial. I've got a question here from a guy on YouTube calledPro Chess Player. I think his name is Josh and Josh is asking me quot;Eric, can you pleasedo a tutorial on foods to avoid for Leaky Gut syndromeéquot; Josh, one thing you and I havegot in common. I think I've checked out your site. You love playing chess. So do I, butI keep getting beaten by my teenage son, which is really annoying for me. One thing I don'tget beaten by is questions for Candida, so we're going to address that right now.What are some foods to avoid with leaky guté

Well, I've just spent a little bit of timeon the internet looking at a lot of sites on leaky gut syndrome to get a feel for whatthe general consensus is out there. Here's quite a wellknown website from a very wellknown in America who will remain nameless and this is saying, quot;Foods that causeleaky gut, gluten, cow's products, sugar, unsprouted grains, and GMO.quot; Very true, ,but there are a lot of things that you're missing out on. I'm going to go into somedetail with this tutorial. Grains, I've got another site, in fact, I just went to Google and typedin foods to avoid with leaky gut, and the paleodiet came up. Grains, legumes, dairy,sugar, unhealthy oils, alcohol, caffeine,

excessive carbohydrate consumption. This isa bit closer to the mark. But when you've got leaky gut, basically,a good advice for you with foods to avoid in general is processed foods. Processed foods,in general. So when you go shopping, I've said this before in tutorials, if you do shopat a supermarket, buy your foods only from the outside perimeter. Meats, vegetables,perishable products because these are less likely to cause problems with leaky gut. Itis true that alcohol and caffeine do cause leaky gut. Alcohol, to me, is the top of thequot;noquot; tree when it comes to leaky gut. If you would say to me, quot;What food is most associatedwith leaky gutéquot; I would say alcohol.

What out of everything I know is associatedwith leaky gut is antibiotics. That's really the top of the biggest tree is antibioticsor all kinds of pharmaceutical medications, antiinflammatories, steroids, antidepressants,sleeping pills, any kind of a drug, for blocking stomach acid or reducing pain. All of thesedrugs are involved in leaky gut. Including Tylenol, paracetamol, any of these kind ofdrugs. Birth control pills, all involved with leaky gut. But antibiotics are the top ofthe tree. But when we look at foods and beverages, alcoholis right at the top, so don't even think about drinking alcohol if you're worried about leakygut. And even if your gut is healthy like

mine, drinking alcohol occasionally will predisposeyou to leaky gut. You will make your gut increasingly leaky by drinking. Every drink you take increasesyour likelihood of making the gut leakier and leakier. And then on top of that if youput antibiotics and high stress in there, you're a sitting duck for a serious leakygut problem. Grains, yes and no. I believe that most peoplecan tolerate small amounts of gluten in their diet when they're healthy like me. I don'teat bread or flour products. I much prefer to have brown rice in my diet and grains likequinoa or millet. But I do have a piece of bread every now and then and I really enjoya nice piece of toast with some tahini or

an organic peanut butter. And I really enjoythe taste, the texture, the smell, and I'm sure most people do. I would not eat a pieceof bread every single day with peanut butter on it. I wouldn't do that. It's just everynow and then; these things are fine. Grains in general. You need to be carefulof refined flours, white flour, donuts, cookies, these sorts of foods. Every time I go to theairport and fly out, I see the donut stand and you see all the big large people sittingthere buying donuts with all these sugar toppings. That's crap. That's the sort of stuff youwant to avoid. Ice cream, refined carbohydrates, these sorts of foods. That's the sugars. Chocolatebars full of sugar, candy, confectionary,

What Are The Causes Of Leaky Gut Syndrome

Hi there. It's New Zealand naturopath, EricBakker, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of dietary supplements.Today, we're going to talk about the causes of leaky gut syndrome.Leaky gut syndrome is a condition of the western developed nations. It's not something thatpeople get in the underdeveloped countries, and I'll expand on that in a minute. Thathappens for a multitude of reasons. Leaky gut is altered intestinal permeability, andit usually means that the person has altered their lifestyle far away from nature. Peoplewho eat and live according to the natural laws who fresh wholesome foods, who drinklots of fresh water, who get plenty of sleep,

these sorts of people don't tend to have leakygut syndrome. The relaxed people. People who don't push themselves too hard.But we don't live like that in the western world. We tend to be really time poor thesedays. What I'm finding after being in practice now for nearly 30 years is that more and moreI'm seeing people with chronic digestive problems, and I think that's because people now tendto stay up too late at night. They're not getting enough rest. They tend to be too dependenton these electronic toys and gadgets all around them. They tend to not chew food properly.They tend to drink alcohol and caffeine, and a lot of people now are bypassing good qualityfoods, tending to eat more of a processed

kind of a food. These sorts of things, inparticularly, are pushing people into leaky gut syndrome.The primary cause in the top 5 or the top 10 would certainly be alcohol of any sort.People who drink alcohol on a regular basis are invariably going to have leaky gut syndrome.I've got no doubt in my mind, and it's just one of my al observations now. If youdon't drink any alcohol at all, you're much less inclined to have leaky gut.It's not just the one thing that will push a person into leaky gut. It's a combinationof multiple factors in their diet and lifestyle that will contribute to this functional complaint.Antibiotics, alcohol, stress, not chewing

food properly, any kind of medication on aregular basis. It could be something like Advil or ibuprofen. It could be paracetamolor Tylenol. It could be antidepressants, birth control pills. It could be a statindrug. It could be a blood pressure pill. Any kind of medication from the you'retaking, whether it's prescribed or over the counter, even some dietary supplements fromyour naturopath can contribute to leaky gut syndrome.Some patients I see take up to 50, 60 or even 80 supplements in one day. It's crazy, buttrue. If you're one of these people who is buying supplements from iHerb and from Amazonand all over the place and you're going to

see two chiropractors and two naturopathsand two s and two psychiatrists, and you're seeing all these people and everyoneis giving you stuff, you're taking all that and you're still not getting better, you'veprobably got leaky gut syndrome. Take heed. Don't take things unless you get expert adviceregarding that supplement. A really big overlooked cause is antibioticsin the food chain. If you're eating meat or poultry, it could contain medications likea low dose antibiotic. We know low dose long term is as bad as high dose short term. Soyou want to check with your supplier if the kind of meat you're eating has got any kindof antibiotic in it. And if you're unsure,

just do a Google check on it yourself. Youmight be quite surprised what you'll find. Certified, biodynamic, or free range are certifiedto be free from these sorts of drugs is certainly what you want to be looking at for food. That'swhy I prefer to eat ocean caught fish because they don't usually inject fish with antibiotics.Chewing food. A lot of people don't chew food properly. They chew too quickly, so they don'tactivate the parasympathetic nervous system. Chewing food really quick is a sympatheticresponse, a stress response, and this will mean that you're not going to break food downto small particle size. It will also mean that if you have got leaky gut, which youprobably have, you'll put larger particles

What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker,author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of dietary supplements.Thanks for checking out my tutorial today. We're going to talk about leaky gut syndrome. Whatit is. What causes it. What the signs and symptoms are and what the most effective naturaltreatment is. I'm going to read you an excerpt out of my book, Candida Crusher, just to familiarizeyou with what leaky gut syndrome is and then I'll expand on that a little bit.Leaky gut syndrome describes a condition of altered or damaged small bowel lining causedby antibiotics, toxins, poor diet, parasites, Candida yeast infection, stress, etc., whichcan lead to increased permeability of the

gut wall to toxins, microbes, undigested foodparticles, wastes or larger than normal macromolecules. These can be things like bits of pollen orbasically dead bacteria or yeast, all sorts of junk there.It has been estimated by experts that around 60 percent of your whole immune system islocated in your small intestine, and incredibly, a high percentage of this activity is concentratedin the first three inches of your duodenum. In a normal healthy person, the small bowelbehaves like a colander or a sieve allowing only the breakdown of the very finest moleculesof digestion into your bloodstream. A healthy membrane of the small intestine allows onlyvery small nutrients in fats, proteins and

starches, which are all broken down to extremelyfine particle size to enter into the bloodstream. While the larger molecules and many differenttypes of toxic compounds are kept out. So you can see it's a selective membrane. Thelast thing we want is for this membrane to be permeable and to allow junk coming throughthat could adversely affect our immune system on the other side.When the small intestine is affected by leaky gut syndrome, however, this process does notoccur. Tiny food particles bypass the cells that normally absorb them and slip in betweentiny intercellular junctions, which are created by the leaky gut and challenge the immunesystem on the other side. Let's examine this

in a little more detail. And then I go onand on and I explain a little bit about yeast infection and leaky gut syndrome. You canread a lot of these articles on yeastinfection if you want to have a look.In your intestinal tract, there reside microscopic microvilli. These are tiny finger like projectionsthat come off the lining of the small intestine with hair like small membrane extensions calledthe brush border. The microvilli serve as a major point of absorption of all your nutrientsin the body. A thin layer of mucous forms on this brush border in which beneficial bacteriathrive. And once this layer becomes compromised, the friendly bacteria reduce in number andthe bad guys, including many Candida species,

parasites, and bad bacteria, will have aneasy time colonizing this brush border. This brush border is also home to a circulatoryIGA. The major antibody in your digestive system. I go into great detail on CIGA, infact, in the book. I think there are about three pages all about high or low circulatoryIGA. I think you get the picture what leaky gutsyndrome really is. It's a condition that many of us in the western world face. It'snot uncommon. So if you're a person who is going to drink alcohol every now and then,if you're going to take an antibiotic, or eat food containing antibiotics, if you havestress in your life, or if you eat any kind

of processed food, then you will certainlyhave leaky gut syndrome to some degree. I hope this tutorial series I'm going to producenow will help you in your quest to overcome leaky gut syndrome. Be sure to check out mywebsite, yeastinfection , also candidacrusher and be aware that my Canxida line of supplementsare going to be of enormous help to people with leaky gut syndrome.Thanks for tuning in.

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