Leaky Gut Tingling

5 Scary Signs You Have Leaky Gut

Alright, my friend! Drew Canole. Thank you fortuning in to this week Saturday Strategy. Last week, we talked about the 23 thingsthat you and I can do to cleanse our body. You've seen amazing results with it. We got flooded with comments. Over 60,000 shares in two days. And that tells methat you love this type of information and it's actually impacting the peoplethat you care about. And that's why we do what we do at Fitlife.tv. At the end ofthis tutorial, I'm gonna be picking a winner of the juicer. But this week, we'retalking about the 11 things that I eat on a regular basis to transform my gut health. I'm also gonna tell you what leaky gut

is and the foods that you should avoid atall costs when restoring not only your immune system but your gut. You see yourgut is responsible for 80% of your entire immune system. And I want you todo this exercise with me real quick. Come back over here. We're out here inbeautiful Coronado, so sunny California. I have to love this place. And I want youto do a visualization exercise with me. I love to go outside in nature just visualize. Ithink it's really important. So what I want you to do is imagine the perfectday when you were absolutely the happiest that you've ever been.

Who are you withé What were you doingéImagine it for a second. How did you feel in that state when you were the happiesté Nowwhat I want you to do is imagine that you only had five percent of the abilityto be happy on that day. You see, 95% of the neurotransmitters, in particular,serotonin, comes from your gut. And it comes to your brain, righté That's thathappy molecule that we all want. We want to feel those happiness, the mood that'sresponsible for putting you in that state. And when you don't have it, whenyou have these glasses on that limit you to 5% of the happiness that you canexperience,

it changes your whole reality. You see a lot ofpeople are living like this. Fiftyfive percent of the U.S. is experiencing leakygut right now or gut dysbiosis. And what that is is the failure to actuallyproper absorb your food, properly absorb your food. See, it's no longer you are what youeat, it's you are what you absorb. And I've talked to you about this before. So how dowe restore the guté What things can we cut out so that we know that our littlewhite blood cells, those little soldiers that you and I have in our bodies, thatare the first line of defense, can be strong, vibrant, and healthy. Let's talkabout it!

Alright, come on in! Have a seat with me. I gottasit on for this just because I've heard this recently while doing my research forthis week's Saturday Strategy, and I was disturbed. Then, I know you're gonna bethere with this. Know that at the end of this tutorial, you're gonna have more thanenough knowledge to go out and help impact people and help them heal theirguts. But this is, this is gonna change everything. So ninetyfive percent of thenation's corn is genetically modified, righté And one of the biggest sprays thatthey put on this genetically modified food contains a chemical that is an antibiotic. Antibiotics not only destroy the

bad bacteria in your gut but the goodbacteria. So here we have a population that's eating genetically modified food. It's destroying the good gut bacteria in the body. Nnow we talked about white bloodcells, righté So your white blood cells are always in your gut, they're restoringyour gut, your leaky gut. And your body's defense system has plummeted. Eightypercent of your immune system comes from your gut, so you don't even know, most thetime, that you're eating these genetically modified foods. They'reharming your body in such a way toward disease acne, skin issues, premature aging all of these is the stress being put on on

How to Overcome Multiple Sclerosis

Hey, guys. Axe here, of natural medicine andfounder of draxe . In this tutorial I'm going to do an advancedtraining on how to overcome multiple sclerosis. I'll talk about the best diet, the best supplements,the best essential oils and some cutting edge natural treatments for fighting multiple sclerosis,also known as MS. Now, MS is often times caused through an autoimmunedisease. What happens in this autoimmune disease isyour body starts attacking its own myelin sheath, which is essentially the sheath orwhat surrounds your spinal cord within your

body. So there are many different thoughts on causes. Many believe it can be caused by a conditioncalled leaky gut syndrome. Some people believe it's caused by mold toxicity,some people different types of immunizations over time or just poor diet or even genetics. What I really believe and know is that thereare many different factors that can cause it within the body. But the good news is, is I've worked withthousands of patients and seen great improvements

in autoimmune disease when these five stepsare taken. So let's first start off talking about . . . well,let me actually say some of the symptoms as well. Some of the big symptoms of MS, now, whenyour myelin sheath gets damaged, that starts to affect the way that signals are sent fromyour brain to your body and from your body to your brain. It may result in trouble thinking. It can cause blurred vision.

It can cause issues with numbness and tinglingor weakness in muscles. It can cause lack of proprioception or balanceand coordination. All of those are some of the biggest warningsides and side effects of MS and multiple sclerosis. So let's start talking about number one thingyou need to do in overcoming MS, is we need to take care of the root cause of MS, whichis a condition called leaky gut syndrome. We've got to heal and seal the gut lining. In order to do that, we've got to reduce inflammationthroughout your entire body.

So step number one, get the inflammatory foodsout of your diet. Number one, gluten and casein. So gluten is a protein found in wheat products. Most breads and grains today. Go completely gluten free. The next thing is get conventional dairy productsout of your diet. Now, if it's a goat's milk yogurt you boughtfrom a farmer, that's fine. But all cow's milk dairy for the most partyou want to get out of your diet because casein,

similar to gluten causes inflammation of thatgut lining, causing autoimmune disease and more MSlike symptoms. A few other things you want to get out, artificialsweeteners. Any type of sugar or at least processed sugarsuch as high fructose corn syrup, white sugar, even natural sugar such as maple syrup andcoconut sugar, you really want to go very low on sugar or sugar free on this MS dietas we really fight autoimmune disease, this reaction that's happening within your system. The other things you want to do or get ridof in your diet are conventional grains.

California Patient Black Mold Detox with Sponaugle

Hello everyone, I am Pastor Phillip Johnson,head of patient coordinator for Rick Sponaugle here at Sponaugle Wellness Institutein Oldsmar, FL. Thank you for taking the time to watch thistutorial. We hope brings encouragement to you and some hope to you and you get a chanceto hear a testimony of someone that, maybe, has suffered the same things that you'vegoing through and search for some answers. That's the intent of this tutorial. To giveyou encouragement, to you give you an idea of what we do here at Sponaugle Wellness anddo that by meeting a lot of wonderful people that come to us from all over the United States,Canada and even international patients to

come here for the wellness and to be treatedfor toxicity, whether is from parasites or environmental toxins. So we want to jump rightin here and young man, why won't you tell us your nameéJason And Jason, where are you froméI'm from many places but most recently sunny California, San Diego.Beautiful, you and I were just talking about the perfect weather you have experienced outthere. Yes it is, beautiful in many ways. Are you a traveleréA big time traveler. All over the world. All over the country.So you could have been exposed to things in

lots of different places.Absolutely, yeah. How old are you nowé 37.37 so, have you been dealing with sickness for years or just have been a shorter terméI can trace the first symptoms back seven years. When I first went to a , prettycasually, I mean, it wasn't a big issue in the beginning, some gut issues, some gastrointestinal stuff. It bounced around from minor symptoms to being fine for several years.Then probably about three years ago got a little more serious, and through that timeI always had some gut issues, and some of the neurological stuff. Some of the numbness,the tingling hands and feet and here and there.

But the gut issue really started to take wholeabout three years ago. In one way it was good that my parents werechiropractors and they tried to treat me you know for a year or so, but just it wasn'tenough. Through nutrition, supplements then went to gastroenterologist, did an endoscopy,never really found anything concrete, besides some inflammation and stuff. I didn't go through that many s, threeof four s and then found Lyme and then sent me to this whole world of Lyme and toxicity.

The one I did it was a functional medicine, a gastroenterologist, pretty much assumes everyone has leaky gut, I had a lotof food sensitivities, so basically just started treating like I had inflammation and leakygut. Once the Lyme came up went up to nine weeks antibiotics, that's when some of thepain and the burning in my feet really came about. For five days where literally it waspainful to walk. Once I got here I realize that my inCalifornia just wasn't enough. Sponaugle said: “You weren't just detoxing properly�.He got some of the story out in California, but here they got all the story. It's notjust about the cleaning out and detoxing,

it was huge. I wasn't detoxing properly The weakness were in the Lyme and the mold genetics, the lack of the ability to processthe neurotoxins. Part of my pain. I just did nine weeks and cut it off. Not cognitive issues, the brain fog, luckily,I never had. I was able to work full time. What hit me hard was some of the psychologicalstuff. Anxiety and depression, that really hit me hard. Out of the pain, all these othersystems that were breaking out. Not extreme depression but definitely depression,anxiety

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