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Thank for checking out my tutorial. We're goingto do a tutorial today on leaky gut. Basically, the best foods and diet to heal a leaky gut.As you're probably aware, I've done quite a few tutorials on this channel. I've been aroundfor a while now. This is my 27th year of practice. I've been seeing patients an awfully longtime, and I've seen every diet you can imagine. Just look behind me and look at all the bookshelves.I've gotten a few comments on how bent my bookshelves are. I made those when I was astudent, quite a long time ago now. I've got thousands of books. In fact, I've got twobookshelves here, another bookshelf here, I've got three bookshelves out in the back,and I've got boxes out in the back with more

books that my wife won't allow me to havein my room because it looks too crappy, she says, for patients.Let's talk a little bit about books, for example, and diets. There are thousands of diet booksout there. I've seen so many of them. I've been collecting books on health really sincemy 20s. I've read lots of books and I've looked at lots of blog sites on the best kind offoods to eat for leaky gut. I can remember reading about the Paleo diet when people weren'teven around that started thinking the Paleo diet was like the quot;inquot; thing. There is a guycalled Chris Kresser online in America who's very big with this Paleo diet. I read thisbook here, Paleolithic Prescription in 1988,

before it even became a fad. It's all a fadnow. And this book here is pretty cool, Native Nutrition. Again another book from the 80sand 90s. I read all those books when I was in my 20s and started to realize people needto eat common sense, basic foods. It's not rocket science.You probably know this book, The Gaps Diet. Another good book from Liz Lipski, DigestiveWellness. A good Irish friend of mine, John McKenna, books on the stomach. NourishingTraditions from Sally Fallon. The list goes on and on. Everyone has got their own takeon what are the best foods to eat. And everyone who comes out with a book like The Body EcologyDiet, The Specific Carbohydrate Diet, the

blah, blah diet, the blah, blah, blah, blah,blah, blah diet. There are millions of diet books out there.What you've got to try to get through your mind is no diet is going to be specific foryou. So when you've got The Specific Carbohydrate Diet, why don't we call it The Specific JaneDiet, The Specific Joe Diet, or The Specific Mary Dieté In my writing and teaching, I'vealways maintained that there is no such bloody thing as one diet that suits hundreds of people.That's why I would never write a diet book as such myself.If you looked at my Candida Crusher book and also in my psoriasis program that I recentlylaunched, you'll find that I really emphasize

a point that I want you to try to find thefoods that best suit you as a human being, not me or Donna Gates or not Sally Fallonor not Natasha CampbellMcBride, not Chris Kresser, not all these other people. They'renot bloody gurus. They're just people who write about diets, and they give you options.They give you recipes, but you need to experiment with these things. Every person who buys thesebooks or who sees me who's been on a program, they always end up modifying those programsto suit themselves. Many people tell me that when they've gone, for example, on the BodyEcology Diet; they find they can eat certain foods that Donna Gates says that they shouldavoid. And it's the same thing when people

go on any other diet like the Gut and PsychologyDiet. I've had a patient recently who's been onthe SCD Diet, The Specific Carbohydrate Diet, for about four years hard out and not feelingbetter. So I got this guy and his wife and two children, they're all on the diet, tomake modifications. I said, quot;Look, it's time to introduce bread.quot; quot;Oh, no. I can't eatbread. On the SCD diet, it says it's toxic. It's poison.quot; But when I got his wife to eatsome bread, just flat bread, chipati kind of bread, she felt good. In fact, she gaineda bit of weight. She improved. And then after a couple of weeks of observing his wife doingthis, this gentlemen did the same, and he

How Can You Tell If You Have Leaky Gut Syndrome

Greetings. It's Eric Bakker, naturopath fromNew Zealand, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of supplements.Thanks for checking out my tutorial. We're going to go a bit further into leaky gut syndrome.And now, we're going to have a look at how do you know you've got leaky gut syndromeéWhat are some of the conditions that are basically there if you've got this conditioné How doyou knowé I've written a few points down. I'll just go over these.To begin with, you will have most probably digestive issues like gas, bloating, irritablebowel syndrome, diarrhea, or constipation. You will have had these quite possibly formonths or even years. You may have gone to

different practitioners trying to resolvethis condition. You may have treated it with all kinds of laxatives or things like aloevera. You could have been given probiotics. You could have been given antifungals, allsorts of things you have been given. Your may have just given you an antibiotic,which would make it a lot worse. Generally, with leaky gut, you will have some kind ofongoing gut problem. Seasonal allergies or asthma. Many peoplewith leaky gut syndrome have got a challenged immune system because the brush border � asI mentioned in a previous tutorial � and the boundaries there are broken down. Things thatare occurring inside your small gut can trans

migrate into the bloodstream and challengethe immune system. This upregulates your immune system and makes it on red alert. This makesyou much more prone to having hypersensitivities or allergies of all kinds. Seasonal allergies.You'll think, quot;Oh my goodness. Spring is here again. Those pine trees are causing me a problem.quot;There could be something flowering in your district at a certain time of year. It's playingup on you all the time. I don't treat allergies anymore. I treat thegut. I find it a waste of time giving people quercetin and Vitamin C, nasal sprays, allthis junk, I don't do that anymore. I treat the digestive system for allergies, and generally,the allergies go away by their own accord.

These people will often have an upregulatedcirculatory IGA. When we do a blood test, we find really high IGA levels and these arethe people that react to everything. They're hyper reactors. Don't treat the immune system.Treat the gut. Because we know that about 60 percent of the immune system resides inthe small intestine anyway. So if we heal that, we're going to have a big chance ofhealing the immune system. Common senseé Common sense to me.Hormonal imbalances like premenstrual syndrome, even polycystic ovarian syndrome. How canhormonal imbalances occur as a result of leaky gut syndromeé That's a good question. Thereare many underlying mechanisms that can throw

this off. There is estimated to be close to200 hormones in the body, and we know that the hormones are regulated through very complexprocesses. Through autonomic nervous system function. This is the autonomic nervous systemthat controls the body to a huge degree. We've got the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervoussystem and the enteric nervous system. The enteric is the gut, so the digestive systeminterfaces with the brain. They talk. We call the gut the quot;second brain.quot; That's remarkable.So we know that if your gut is not functioning properly that your endocrine system won'tfunction properly. Many people with a disordered digestive systemhave got adrenal problems, thyroid problems,

ovarian problems, hypothyroid problems, pituitaryproblems, sleep problems; it goes on and on. The point I'm making is that if your gut isnot working properly, your hormone system won't work properly. I can't go into the underlyingbiochemical mechanisms on this tutorial. We could do a threehour tutorial on that alone. It'spretty complex. But believe me, if you've got a really upset digestive system, thereis a big chance you'll have an upset hormone system.Diagnosis of autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's, lupus, psoriasis,celiac disease. I specialize also in psoriasis. Through research, I've found out through thePsoriasis Foundation that up to three quarters

Can I Drink Coffee or Tea for a Skinny Gut

Well when you start the Skinny Gut Lifestyleyou're going to notice increased energy. That's one of the benefits of this program! But,I think that if you want to have a cup of coffee or tea when you get up in the morning,that's totally fine. I like to have it myself!.

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