Fixing A Leaky Gutter

Leaky Gut Syndrome Causes Symptoms Risk Factors How To Reverse Leaky Gut

Thanks for checking out this comprehensivetutorial today. In this tutorial, I'm going to talk about leaky gut syndrome. It's a functionalcomplaint that's often been maligned by medical practitioners. Before I delve into it, I justwant to read out an email I got from a firstyear medical student from America regarding leakygut. I wrote an article on EricBakker regardingleaky gut, and this is what this particular student wrote. She says, quot;Mr. Bakker, leakygut syndrome is pure naturopathic nonsense. It's just like adrenal fatigue, just anotherfictitious manmade disease. Many people confuse adrenal fatigue with Addison's disease, whichis an actual, real and diagnosable medical

condition when you don't make enough cortisolin your glands. This can only be diagnosed by your real , and various tests areneeded to diagnose this disease. Candida is bullshit, too. It is possible to have a fullbody fungal infection, but you'd be in the intensive care unit nearly dead.' Signed,Miss so and so. This is a very interesting email from a person,obviously a firstyear medical student, so I'll forgive her for her ignorance. When Iwas a medical student, I was quite ignorant, too, and had a lot of strong opinions aboutthings which I know now 27 years later I've got completely different ideas about. It'sinteresting and I think back at my dad who

was a very pragmatic man, and Dad said thatopinions are like bowel motions. We all have them from time to time. Sometimes some peoplehave more or less. Sometimes people are full of these things and just pass out bowel motionsall the time. Almost like verbal diarrhea. And that's what we've got in this case. Aperson with verbal diarrhea. So I'll forgive this person, of course, because she's a medicalstudent. And if she happens to see this YouTube clip, I welcome her to contact me when she'squalified and maybe 10 years down the track when she's settled into a practice a bit moreand overcome a little bit of that verbal diarrhea. Let's now have a look at leaky gut syndrome,what the condition really entails. Leaky gut

syndrome is not a fictitious disease. In fact,there are many different research papers in mainstream medical journals that have beenwritten about intestinal permeability. It's certainly not fictitious by any means. Whenwe examine the small intestine, there are three sections to the small intestine. Thefirst part, which connects up to the stomach, is called the duodenum. And in America, Ibelieve they call it the duodenum. The duodenum contains quite a lot of intense solar activitythere in terms of digestion. In fact, there's a very small section at the beginning of theduodenum which is about 75 to 90 mils that contains most of the person's immune functionactivity of the whole digestive system. We're

talking about probably three or four inchesof bowel, which is impacted with an incredible amount of immune cells.It's estimated that about 60 percent of a person's immune activity is located in thesmall intestine, and probably three quarters of that is in the first three to four inchesof that section of small intestine. If we examine the small intestine and open it up,it has a surface area of about a tennis court. It's remarkable. You may see some pictureson the internet of what we call villi and microvilli. Villi are basically, I'll drawa picture for you. They're small, funny shaped objects like this. That's a villi and a villilooks a little bit like that. Microvilli are

basically the little projections that runoff the villi. You can see those. If you have a look closer, we've actually got even smallervilli that run off those. The point I'm making here is the surface area is dramatically increasedbecause we've got a huge amount of digestive area that we're looking at.If you look at the microvilli, little fingerlike projections, there's basically one cell layerthat goes around the microvilli. These cellular junctions in a healthy person are very tightand wellcontrolled spaces. And the body does this to allow very well digested particlesof proteins, carbohydrates and fats to get through to the circulatory system. These foodcomponents have to be broken down to the tiniest

How to Fix a Leaky Gutter or Eave Trough with Drip Edge Flashing

Here we have a bad situation where the gutter comes along here, but there's no flashing going into the gutter, so this opening exists, and the roof, the water just comes out and goes underneath the gutter. The gutter actually does nothing here, so we're going to add some flashing to it, to make sure the water gets into the gutter, and I'm going to put that underneath these shingles. And that'll help keep this roof another few years, make it last a few more years.

Right Rolandé Yep. So here we've got a piece of that up into here now, and now the water will come and drip into the gutter, instead of what it was doing before, just dripping behind it. So, here's Roland adding a full piece of this. The reason we're using this, is because we salvaged it off another part of the roof, but it's, you can buy this drip flashing for under your shingles. Here's another place where there was no decent flashing in,

so we got a really big, wide one here. And we're going to put that whole valley flashing in, and that'll make sure it gets behind there and stops any leaks, or any moisture from running back up it. Very good. So that's a nine by nine valley flashing, righté Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen.brandhagen@gmail .

How To Repair Gutters DIY At Bunnings

I'm going to show you how to repair a holein the gutter. Now you do this to avoid having to replace the whole section of gutter lateron. And the tools you're going to need for this is a ladder to get up to the top of yourgutter, the ladder helper which will keep the ladder in place when you're up there.You need your gutter cleaner and a brush to get rid of any debris left in the gutter.You need a wire bush to get rid of any rust if there is any. The ladder limb is very handyyou put it into the outside of the ladder and it holds your bucket so you don't haveto go up and down to get tools. You'll need your allweather tape and your scissors tocut the tape.

So I'm going to put my tools into the bucketand move the ladder out of the way so we can place the ladder limb on the gutter. Now I'mgoing to put the ladder helper up onto the gutter and once that's in place it will besafer to keep your ladder in place. Now the ladder's in place it's important to checkthat both feet of the ladder are on the ground to make sure it's safe and even. Now the ladderlimb is in place and all the tools are nice and accessible to do the job, and I put mygloves on and start to clean out the gutter. It's important to have your gloves on whencleaning out the gutters just in case there's any sharp edges. So the first step is to usethe gutter cleaner to get rid of all the big

debris. It's really important to get the bestadhesion from your tape to make sure that everything is free of dirt and nice and dry.After you use the gutter cleaner, just use the banister brush and just make sure yousweep any of the smaller bits of dirt out of the way so you get a nice clean surface. So now that all of the dirt is out of thegutter, I can see that there's a little bit of surface rust on the bottom so what I'mgoing to use is a wire brush and remove the surface rust to give the tape something niceto adhere to. We're really lucky that we've got a sunny day today and that the bottomof the gutter is really dry. If it's a little

dump, wait until the sun comes out to dryit or alternatively use a heat gun to dry it so you get the best adhesionfrom the tape. Using your allpurpose weather seal tape to fill this hole, we're just goingto need one strip for it as the hole is not too big. If you were doing a bigger hole,you may need to overlap it. And when you do that, you need to make sure that there isa 25 mil overlap. I'm going to measure this up here and thenI'm going to cut it on the ground. So now we're going to cut the tape. We need aroundabout 150 mil to cover this hole. So all you do is pull out a length of tape and then justthrough with a pair of normal scissors to

the length that you want. This tape is greatfor fixing small holes and small leaks, but if you have a lot of holes or more than justsurface rust it's probably better to cut out a whole piece of gutter and just replace itwith a new piece. Okay. So I'm going to peel the backing off and put the tape down. Andthat's how you repair a hole in a gutter.

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