Leaky Gut Cures Start at Home

There are literally millions of people around the world searching for cures for ailments and symptoms that are directly related to leaky gut syndrome. They search high and low and go from one doctor to the next. Spend thousands of dollars on prescription and over-the-counter drugs. When in fact leaky gut cures can be found in their own homes.

First let me start out by explaining what leaky gut syndrome is and what may be causing it in individuals. It is experienced by people with inflamed or irritated intestines. The reasons for this are many but include bacteriological imbalances in the gut to reactions to different foods or even liquids. Symptoms for people experiencing leaky gut syndrome are generally gastrointestinal including bloating, cramps, constipation, diarrhea and pain, but as the disease progresses and advances, these symptoms can become significantly more severe and dire. Not only that, but this disease can cause damage to vital organs such as the liver and irreparable damage to the autoimmune system.

The good news however, is that there are several leaky gut cures available. What´s even better is that you don´t have to thousands of dollars or waste immeasurable time to get the cures. If you are like me you don´t like taking a whole bunch of over-the counter-drugs or even prescribed ones for that matter when you don´t have to. I like taking the natural approach to healing and truly believe that there is a natural cure for every illness that exist. We just haven´t discovered them yet! Well leaky gut cures don´t require the consumption of harsh pharmaceuticals, but are either natural in nature or can be accomplished simply by changing your diet.

Natural and Homeopathic Cures:

There are many herbs that have been proven effective in treating and the curing of leaky gut syndrome. These cures have been used for literally centuries, and their side effects(though not many) are well documented and they are significantly safer than any old pill your doctor can prescribe!

The herbs used in treating leaky gut syndrome are probably already familiar to some of you. But as is our way in society we tend to go with the “latest” or “the next new thing” and completely forget about the remedies that grandma used. Slippery Elm, Marshmallow Root, Echinacea, and Goldenseal are wonderful herbs for treating this illness. Each of these herbs have a positive impact on the gut and the mucous membranes of the intestines. Slippery Elm for example, coats and soothes irritated throats, stomachs, and intestines. This coating protects the intestinal lining and decreases the irritation thus helping to alleviate leaky gut syndrome significantly.

Herbal teas are also effective in the treatment and cure of leaky gut syndrome and cost a fraction of what you would pay for over-the-counter drugs. Their effects are slightly different to herbs, but are just as effective. One of the reasons for leaky gut syndrome is stress and teas are especially effective in dealing with stress. When was the last time you sat down and had yourself a good cup of tea? The quiet time alone goes along way toward easing stress.

The are two teas that I find are absolutely essential. They are Peppermint Tea and Chamomile Tea. Both of these teas help to calm the stomach. But Peppermint Tea is especially good at killing certain types of unwanted bacteria and helps in reducing the possibility of infection.

Diet Cures

I won´t dwell on this long as I cover it more extensively in other articles. But suffice it to say,”you are indeed what you eat.” One of the major causes of leaky gut syndrome is the food that you eat. So what could be more effective then a diet? The goal here is not just to change your diet for leaky gut syndrome but to change your diet for a better life. The benefits are twofold, not only can this help treat and cure leaky gut syndrome, but by making these small changes to your diet, you will be helping your body heal naturally.

What is the diet cure you ask? Good question. It is basically a diet of elimination.To use the diet cure in your treatment of leaky gut syndrome, you need to remove certain fruits and vegetables from your diet.

Foods to be eliminated: bananas, strawberries, kiwis, citrus fruits, corn, pineapples and papayas, plus nightshade vegetables such as eggplants, peppers, potatoes, and tomatoes. You should also eliminate soy and dairy products from your diet, including eggs. Grains and foods with yeast such as bread, flour, wheat, spelt, kamut, rye, barley, oats, and millet. But let´s face it these are just a few foods you might not mind giving up. But I am not finished, in addition, you should eliminate beans, caffeine, chocolate, honey, vanilla extract, vinegar, mushrooms, and peanuts.

Forgive me if I just took all the joy out of eating. But remember this,by removing these foods for one month from your diet you will give your body an appropriate amount of time to heal itself. After a month you can gradually start adding the foods you have removed back into your diet. Only one food sort at a time and for minimal period of three days. By doing this you will learn which foods do not work with your system.

Leaky gut cures are many but you can save yourself a lot of time and money by starting first at home.